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Copywriting When it .es to web content writing, theres more to life than just articles. Here are some ways to expand and widen your content marketing strategy and better connect with your potential customers. Whitepapers A whitepaper is a topical report on an issue requiring in depth explanation. Around 8-12 pages in length, meaty whitepapers are considered to be the most influential content in internet marketing. Whitepapers allow you to demonstrate your knowledge within your field. They are in depth and therefore you get to give away something which a customer would normally expect to pay for. This makes good marketing sense, building your authority, credibility and gaining your clients trust. This form of web content writing is great for B2B, showcasing technically .plex products/services and discussing new ideas or changing trends. E-Books An e-book is the more reader friendly cousin of the whitepaper. The main difference between an E-Book and white paper is in the design. E-Books tend to have a more visually stimulating, user friendly layout which is easy to scan. The tone tends to be more engaging and entertaining. They tend to be shorter than white papers and more interactive, often including links to additional multimedia information and focus on the how-to aspect of a subject. Whether you choose E-Books, Whitepapers or both in your marketing mix make sure that you provide valuable information and new ideas in your web content writing. Digital Magazine A periodical e-magazine is a great way to integrate print content with digital media. Digital magazines are interactive by nature, the design .pels the reader to keep flipping the pages and see whats next. The reader gets to interact with your brand through feature articles, news and even videos or audio content. You can even have built in analytics in your digital magazine enabling you to track and report on performance, whats working and what isnt. Daily Snippets A daily snippet is exactly what it says a snippet of information posted daily on your website. It can take the form of a news clip, tip, fact, statistic or advice. Daily, fresh web content writing on your site is great for the user and search engines love it. Articles Article publishing is one of the most used content marketing tactics. Articles are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and authority within your field, addressing relevant issues trends and topics. To achieve the best ROI from your web content writing, you must publish your articles plenty and often. E-Newsletters E-Newsletters provide a means to .municate regularly with your customers and potential customers. Publishing a periodic e-Newsletter will always keep your name in the frame. Keep your web content writing informative, resisting the urge to sell, sell, sell in your e-mails. This will allow you to build up a relationship with your readers, promoting loyalty and retention. They are a nurturance tool for products and services with long sales cycles. Organisations that already have strong opt-in email lists can benefit instantly. Blogging Blogging is a form of brief web content writing that is frequently refreshed. Business blogging offers a multitude of benefits; direct interaction with your audience, a voice and personality for your brand, easy to set up with a very low outlay. Offer you audience interesting, useful blog posts and keep them .ing back for more. Blog posting must be consistent and regular, it may be hard to find the time/money but a successful blog is well worth the effort. Dont forget search engines love blogs too. Micro Blogging In other words Tweeting. You may only have 140 characters but the speed and reach of the tweet offers you a way to interact with customers in realtime. Tweets can be used to direct your audience to more in depth web content writing posted elsewhere on the web. Microsite/blogs The microsite or lens page (like Squidoo) tends to contain more focused content on a specific issue or topic. Putting together an informative, resource page on a given topic is great for driving traffic to your website. It may not get you instant results but does have SEO benefits too. Press Releases A press release is a fantastic promotional tool, capable of positioning any product, service or business directly in the media spotlight. Use but dont abuse! Press releases can have massive impact when you have something newsworthy to share. A stationary store launching a new line of paper clips is not news. Watch your tone and be creative in your web content writing. A freelance content writer can offer advice on the most suitable content strategies for your business. For instance, if you have a dating website plenty of social media content would .plement the nature of your business. For a manufacturing .pany, a Whitepaper that explained various processes and methods involved would be re.mended, rather than tweeting about it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: