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In 2017 ten things of concern on the first day to collect more than 200 recommendations of the newspaper news (reporter Tang Yu) yesterday is my city community oriented for the 2017 municipal government for the "ten things" on the first day of the people, the Yangtze River daily through 6 ways to collect a total of more than 200 pieces of advice and opinions. From the first day of collection, it is the most urgent problem for citizens to repair damaged roads, break through the broken roads, and control environmental pollution. "Hongshan District, University City area Baishazhou Huangjiahu road seriously damaged, dust flying all over the sky. The broken road, such as the Western Medicine University HUANGJIAHU Road, Lishui road in Hubei to Wuhan business school, nearly 200 meters of duantoulu reflect the times without repair; Huangjiahu Lake Road to the Wuhan City University Business School section has not been repaired. These infrastructures have seriously affected the travel of the local teachers, students and residents." Citizen Wang Qiang through the Yangtze River daily official WeChat message said, hoping to be included in the ten practical things in 2017, benefit the people. In this regard, the reporter to Hongshan District City Management Committee related staff understand that relevant construction units are stepping up efforts to promote the construction and repair of these roads. Netizen "Omori _" through the Yangtze River daily official micro-blog sent a suggestion that will soon be winter, haze days intensified, now the site dust pollution on-line monitoring facilities have been installed in place, the site spraying dust equipment over to complete the task, but whenever I passed the construction site, did not see the project in the use of these dust equipment. The night is also in the construction. This netizen suggested that the governance of dust pollution continued to be listed as ten practical things for the government. Collect in 6 ways in the recommendation of the general public around to alleviate traffic congestion and rectify the property management, clean streets and residential garbage box, grill remediation Jeeves, noise control, regulate residential parking management, solve problems and improve the education of children of foreign accounts handicapped facilities, suggestions focus on rural left-behind children work etc.. Internet users recommend extracts > > > my heart is still: in the new residential district just checked in, but there is always a contradiction between property companies and the owners. Property fee, parking fee, elevator, advertisement, express delivery and dog raising are all related to the quality of life and happiness index of residents. So, I think ten things in 2017, one thing must be – regulate property management. Tomorrow’s sunshine: Happy canteen creative in Wuhan, should be gradually promoted in Wuhan, and as one of the ten practical things in Wuhan in 2017. Because of the accelerated pace of aging, the elderly self-care ability gradually downhill; eating is a big problem, there is a public canteen can solve the difficult to eat; happy canteen is the next step to solve the old eat direction. Shi Lei: I think we should solve the problem of nonlocal children’s schooling, or implement the residence permit score system as soon as possible. DG: Lake is the most beautiful card in Wuhan, but there is no progress in water quality improvement, and there are still a large number of sewage straight lakes in many places. In the ten practical matters of 2017, efforts should be made to deal with lake pollution and completely solve the problem of black water and foul water flowing into lakes. Yun Shu: Optics Valley travel too crowded, should speed up Optics Valley Metro Line 2 South extension line speed

2017年十件实事引起关注 首日征集到200余条建议   本报讯(记者唐煜)昨日是我市面向社会广泛征集2017年市政府为民办理“十件实事”首日,长江日报通过6种方式共征集到200余条建议和意见。从首日征集情况来看,修复破损路、打通断头路、治理环境污染是市民最迫切盼望解决的问题。   “洪山区白沙洲、黄家湖大学城一带道路破损严重,灰尘漫天飞。断头路,诸如黄家湖西路、丽水西路湖北中西药大学至武汉工商学院近200米的断头路反映多次未修;黄家湖大学城的环湖公路至武汉工商学院段也未被修好。这些基础设施都严重影响到当地广大师生和居民的出行。”市民王强通过长江日报官方微信留言称,希望能将此事列入2017年十件实事办理,惠及百姓。   对此,记者向洪山区城管委相关工作人员了解得知,相关建设单位正在加紧推进这几条路的建设和修复。   网友“大森_”通过长江日报官方微博发来建议称,马上就要入冬,雾霾天愈演愈烈,现在工地扬尘污染在线监控设施已然安装到位,工地喷洒降尘设备也超额完成任务,但每当我路过施工工地,没有看到有项目在使用这些降尘设备,晚上也同样在施工。这名网友建议,将治理扬尘污染继续列为政府十件实事。   在6种方式征集的建议中,广大市民围绕缓解交通拥堵、整顿物业管理、清洁街头和小区垃圾箱、整治烧烤店占道经营、治理噪声污染、规范小区停车管理、解决外地户口子女就学问题、提高残障人士设施便利、关注农村留守儿童工作等提出建议。   网友建议摘录>>>   我心依旧:在新住宅小区刚入住,却总有物业公司与业主发生矛盾现象。物业费、停车费、电梯、广告、收快件、养犬等,都事关居民生活质量和幸福指数。所以,我觉得2017年十件实事,必须有一件是——规范物业管理。   明天的阳光:幸福食堂创意在武汉,应在武汉逐步加以推广,并作为武汉2017年十件实事之一。因为老龄化步伐加快,老人们自理能力逐渐走下坡路;吃饭是个大问题,有公共食堂可解决吃饭难;幸福食堂是下一步解决老有所吃的方向。   时磊:我觉得应该解决外地户口子女就学问题,或者尽快落实居住证积分制。   DG:湖泊是武汉最靓丽的一张名片,但湖水水质改善没有进展,多处多地仍然有大量污水直排湖泊。2017年十件实事里,应在湖泊治理上下功夫,彻底解决黑水、臭水流入湖泊。   云舒:光谷出行太拥堵了,应加快光谷地铁2号线南延长线速度。   美文:我是无房户,希望能够早日入住公租房,解决住房问题。   满山红:应加快常青北路机场河改造工程,这条河是汉口的下水道,臭气熏天,严重影响城市形象和周边居民的生活。(记者唐煜)相关的主题文章: