41 minutes after the cut 18+13+10! Wal spring guard time don’t forget him-polartec

After 41 points, chop 18+13+10! The spring guard age of wall, don’t forget him, the first three pairs of sina sports news Beijing time February 6th news, the Wizards at home 106-94 victory over Philadelphia 76 people, they finally stop losing streak. John wall [micro-blog] is still the hero won the game, he used the season’s first three pairs of performance led the team to win at home. Because the Wizards set up a 20 point lead in the first quarter, the time of his appearance was well controlled. He only played 33 minutes, 13 shots in 7, three points in 5 shots, 3 points, 13 rebounds, 10 assists, 2 steals and 1 blocks in 18. This is the first three pairs of the season, fourth pairs of three times in his career, his comprehensiveness once again fully demonstrated, he also with a victory to the three pairs of paintings on a perfect stop. In fact, the state of wall was very good in the last match against warriors. In the face of Stephen curry [micro-blog], wal 25 voted 17, got the season high 41 points, 10 assists and 3 rebounds, hit 3 three pointers. With the warriors, the third attack broke out, which made the opponent a lot of trouble. The rest of the game can not establish early victory, because I play well. A season high still can not stop the team’s defeat, Waldo nature some frustration, today face League vice monitor, Waldo naturally will not miss the chance to vent. The first session of the wall performance is very beautiful, not only can score, but also to create opportunities for teammates, coupled with Bill this game back to the starting line-up, once again join hands with good, let the wall like a duck in water. Led by wall, the Wizards burst out extraordinary energy, the first quarter to get 20 points lead. Of course, 76 people have not been a stick down their tenacious counterattack to get three double wall has created extremely favorable conditions. After the game, the 76 people have worked hard to narrow the gap, but Wall always come forward to stabilize the situation for the team, especially in the fourth quarter of the last minute, he scored points for the team locked victory, but also the achievement of the individual’s three pairs. First got the season high, and then won three pairs, looks like Wal Mart has completely opened the acceleration mode, belongs to his spring is coming. The eastern coast of the United States is gradually getting rid of the snowstorm, and the state of wall is also rising. This is the scene that the Wizards would like to see most. For the Wizards of the season, if they want to turn the bad situation back to the top eight of the East, they need wall to maintain this aggression, he must use full play to lead the team recovery. (Melody)

41分后砍18+13+10!沃尔的春天 控卫盛世别忘他 沃尔拿下赛季首次三双   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月6日消息,奇才在主场106-94战胜费城76人,他们终于止住连败。约翰-沃尔[微博]依旧是奇才赢球的功臣,他用赛季首次三双表现引领球队在主场赢球。   因为奇才在首节就建立起20分的领先优势,沃尔的出场时间被很好的控制,他只打了33分钟,13投7中,三分球5投3中,得到18分、13个篮板、10次助攻、2次抢断和1次盖帽。这是沃尔本赛季的首次三双,生涯的第4次三双,他的全面性再一次得到充分展现,他也用一场胜利给这次三双画上一个完美的句号。   事实上,沃尔的状态在上一场对阵勇士时就非常好。面对斯蒂芬-库里[微博],沃尔25投17中,得到赛季新高41分、10次助攻和3个篮板,投中3个三分球。与勇士一战,沃尔第三节曾经进攻爆发,这给对手制造了不小的麻烦。勇士那场比赛没能提早确立胜局,就是因为沃尔的出色发挥。   赛季新高仍不能阻止球队的败局,沃尔自然有些沮丧,今天面对联盟副班长,沃尔自然不会放过发泄的机会。首节沃尔就表现得很出彩,不仅能够自己得分,还能给队友创造机会,再加上比尔这场比赛回到首发阵容,再次联手好搭档让沃尔如鱼得水。在沃尔的带动下,奇才迸发出不一般的能量,首节就拿到20分的领先优势。当然,76人并没有被一棒子打垮,他们的顽强反扑给沃尔拿到三双创造了极其有利的条件。之后的比赛76人曾努力缩小差距,但沃尔总能挺身而出为球队稳住局势,尤其是第四节的最后关头,他连续得分为球队锁定胜利,同时也成就了个人的三双。   先是拿到赛季新高,接着又斩获三双,看起来沃尔已完全开启加速模式,属于他的春天就要来了。美国东海岸逐渐摆脱暴风雪的影响,沃尔的状态也在回升,这是奇才最愿意看到的一幕。对于本赛季的奇才来说,他们如想扭转不利局势回到东部前八,他们就需要沃尔保持这种攻击性,他必须要用全面发挥引领球队复苏。   (Melody)相关的主题文章: