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The better than the city SUV these cars can also make a sightseeing tour! – Sohu like to buy SUV consumers not only value the big SUV, but more importantly, the high ground clearance SUV can take them farther afield. But the reality is that the price of SUV is generally higher than the car, comfort and control is also inferior to the car, do not think that the car through differences, master to master recommended today are high ground clearance cars, chassis height with the general city almost SUV, on the hill so they swim. A Peugeot 408 models: guide price: 12.97-18.97 million clearance: 180mm comments: the Peugeot 408 replacement after all of a sudden a lot younger, sense of quality is improved, the color value, the connotation is not lost Volkswagen cars. It is worth mentioning that 408 of the ground clearance reached a staggering 180mm, this data is higher than many cities SUV. Two models: Changan SUZUKI guide price: 7.98-9.98 million clearance: 175mm comments: Amagatarai is a more dynamic fashion car, the price is not expensive, very suitable for young consumers with the first car. Also the shape of the car looks and general hatchback cars are not the same, a crossover appearance, plus the late car is very cheap, the whole car is very suitable for Amagatarai writer. Model three: Toyoda Eishi guide price: 20.98-31.48 million clearance: 175mm comments: after flooding the +V6 engine is resolute attraction, superior handling and fashionable appearance make it won the young consumers, did not expect that this car Reiz ground clearance actually reached 175mm, open car do not have to worry about hang onto the chassis. Four models: Yage guide price: 16.98-23.78 million clearance: 168mm comments: once the eighth generation Accord is selling fast, later generations of models has been tepid, but the level of mass Legion is too strong. The new accord to get rid of the other large chrome trim as vulgar, and mature powertrain, since the new Accord listing sales are slowly rising. Five new models: Imperial guide price: 6.98-24.98 million clearance: 167mm comments: Imperial EC7 is a product of Geely Automobile was walking a fine line, excellent quality control to make it in the talent shows itself independent brand models, the launch of the new generation models full imperial in the continuation of good reputation at the same time, the exterior and interior of according to this upgrade, we hope to see the development of its third generation fourth generation models. A car: Car master has a problem, find a car at the auto master, master has 100 thousand certified professional 4S automotive technician, quick answer your car repair and maintenance of vehicles, etc.. Car master also opened the door to install the service in the country, welcomed the appointment of car master gold service. Master ======= for automotive history相关的主题文章: