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The network provides high apartment hotel was traced to unlicensed was forced to close (Figure) – a number of departments of Beijing Chenghua District joint law enforcement, the three hotel was forced to close. Provide "by Chenghua District law enforcement network provides the high hotel occupancy found unlicensed" track "lovhome youth apartment was dismantled!" on August 25th, members of the public Mr Tsui once again call the latest news about the newspaper he learned. Complaints from the network from the hotel, he has been concerned about the progress of the hotel. A few days ago, the hotel because of "three certificates" and alleged illegal business, by a number of departments in Chengdu Chenghua District joint law enforcement. However, shortly after the ban, the hotel was quietly opened the door. In August 22nd, the WCC exclusive coverage of the hotel "a stirring among the dry bones" of the news, a number of Chenghua District law enforcement action again, this time, law enforcement officers forced the closure of the hotel. The hotel was booked to review score of "three noes" unscrupulous travel to Sichuan foreign tourists Ms. Lin is a stranger, in order to facilitate the car, in advance of the well-known tourism online booking lovhome youth Apartments (Chengdu East Railway Station), did not think, when found the net on favorable rate 4.7, marked comfort Hotel Samsung, is actually a family apartment, and does not require any registration is available. Feeling a little cheated for Ms. Lin Mian stumped down, did not think of what happened behind them a more difficult. Her mother went to Jiuzhaigou newspaper group, the travel agency arrived at the apartment ready to sign a newspaper group agreement, the store was out. At the same time, the store for registration when they provide travel agency. Later, Ms. Lin suffered a "black" experience grew more and more angry and complained to the Chengdu Government Affairs Service Center @ Chengdu service. Soon, Chenghua District street and law enforcement personnel on-site investigation found that the apartment has no business license, no special trade license, no health permits, illegal operation, on the same day for a ban on. In this time someone’s hotel was forced to close the banned "black" is still secretly open? In order to verify, in August 21st, the WCC reporter to the Chengdu East Railway Station Qionglai Road No. 68 apartment to carry out unannounced visits to the investigation, the boss said the hotel business is good, more than housing tension, late only one can stay. And in some well-known travel website, still have the reservation information of this apartment. In August 22nd, the newspaper reported that the "black Chenghua District news, a stirring among the dry bones" very seriously, and public security, industry and commerce, the office of the streets, urban management, travel service and other functions, China once again to the law enforcement. According to the reporter learned that the joint law enforcement, the operator asked the operator to close the hotel on the spot, immediately change the nature of the use of the housing, while the online travel products off the shelf. Reporters later learned from the scene, the apartment has been completely removed, the bed has been packed in each room has been packed, the hotel related equipment are also removed. Law enforcement officials said that the next step will be the follow-up to the music nest youth apartment follow-up, continue to increase the area of inspections, found problems, and相关的主题文章: