[Wu Xin on the network violence]_ Wu Xin on the network violence crying Willber Pan domineering flow-carmex润唇膏

Wu Xin and Willber Pan, two people in the "we love the love of the love of God" can be described as much attention. The video from the video can be seen, since two people travel to Thailand, favorability also slowly improved, the picture has become a love. However, in the latest video of the latest video exposure, Wu Xin, who has been laughing and smiling, has been talking about Willber Pan for the first time. When he talked with him for the first time, he mentioned for the first time that he was hurt and grieved because of network violence. At last, he was out of control and cried. Stars can be regarded as the high-risk professions of top halo. Besides being injured in the real world and being followed by extreme fans, it is also not easy in the virtual network world. All kinds of rumors and verbal slander are the problems that stars have to face. In fact, not only Wu Xin, but many stars have experienced cyber violence. So how do all the stars deal with it? Fast video show you the star of cyber violence! Gloria Tang: Thought of Gloria Tang as a versatile Dutch act, the first "bubble" in the hearts of fans on both sides of the Changjiang River, captured a large number, but she also suffered cyber violence. From the exposure of the video can be seen in the video, Gloria Tang suffered in the network verbal attack, will get, and even Dutch act. Gloria Tang said, although not really, "but I am wondering, how do you believe in a person?" "Do you want me to write down the books and tell you that you will believe me?" Fortunately, in the end Gloria Tang came out, the faith defeated the unhappy, regain happiness, and also gave up the idea of light life. Luhan: exclusion of network violence was written into the papers in addition to Gloria Tang, fast video also exposed another network encountered violent star – luhan. But for the network violence, Luhan’s team is quite a tough attitude, not only in the face of network violence, immediately issued a statement, said it will resolutely oppose all network violence, "we oppose network violence, also oppose violence with violence, adhere to solve all problems in accordance with the law." It also indicates that it has been certified public notarization according to law and will take corresponding legal means to deal with it. A strong attitude, to a certain extent, has curbed cyber violence. Afterwards, the network violence attitude is to become the choice of political papers in a school, the title refers to Luhan studio for the network violence issued a statement regarding the questions, more directly that "freedom is not unlimited absolute freedom", "Internet life we must abide by the law and morality", "no person shall use the network of illegal dissemination of information". In addition to a number of celebrities listed above, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi and many other celebrities have experienced cyber violence. Although each star’s way of dealing with each other, but for the internet violence, fast video and all the stars, all say no!