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The Ministry of Commerce talks about China’s chemical industry purchase of Swiss agricultural giant: beneficial to complementary advantages (Figure) – Sohu financial information map: Shen Danyang, spokesman of the Ministry of commerce. China News Agency reporter Li Huisi photo Beijing, February 17,   the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference today, according to the "China acquisition of Swiss agricultural chemical giant", the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said that the acquisition will help the two sides complement each other, concerted efforts to achieve common development. I hope the concerned countries will treat the acquisition objectively and rationally, and create a relaxed atmosphere and public opinion atmosphere for them. Foreign media reported that China Chemical Group reached a $43 billion acquisition of Swiss pesticide and seed giant Xian Zhengda agreement, which is the largest overseas transaction of seed enterprises so far, marks China’s overseas mergers and acquisitions reached a new height. In this regard, Shen Danyang said, it is understood that Chinese chemical group and the company reached a purchase agreement, the Board unanimously recommended Syngenta Syngenta China acquisition of 100% stake in chemical offer, the offer price of $465 per share cash. "We believe that the acquisition is conducive to complementary advantages of both sides, forming a joint force, to achieve common development. At the same time, it will also have positive significance for the protection of global food security. We support the Chinese chemical industry in accordance with international business principle to carry out the acquisition, strictly abide by local laws and regulations, and actively contribute to local economic and social development, at the same time, we also hope that the national objective and rational view of the acquisition, to create a relaxed environment and atmosphere for the." Shen Danyang points out. 商务部谈中国化工收购瑞士农化巨头:有利于优势互补(图)-搜狐财经资料图:商务部新闻发言人沈丹阳。中新社记者 李慧思 摄  中新网2月17日电  商务部今日召开例行新闻发布会,针对“中国化工收购瑞士农化巨头”,商务部新闻发言人沈丹阳表示,该项收购有利于双方优势互补,形成合力,实现共同发展。希望有关国家客观、理性看待这项收购,为其营造宽松的环境和舆论氛围。  有外媒报道称,中国化工集团达成了以430亿美元收购瑞士杀虫剂和种子巨头,先正达的协议,这也是迄今为止种子企业规模最大的海外交易,标志中国海外并购达到一个新的高度。  对此,沈丹阳表示,据了解,中国化工集团和先正达公司达成了收购协议,先正达董事会全体一致推荐中国化工收购先正达100%股权的要约,要约价格为每股465美元现金。  “我们认为该项收购有利于双方优势互补,形成合力,实现共同发展。同时,也将对保障全球粮食安全具有积极意义。我们支持中国化工按照国际通行商业原则开展这项收购,严格遵守当地法律法规,积极为当地经济社会发展作出贡献,同时,我们也希望有关国家客观、理性看待这项收购,为其营造宽松的环境和舆论氛围。”沈丹阳指出。相关的主题文章: