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Personal-Tech When I decided that I needed to replace my terribly out of date mobile phone an old Nextel i1000plus – my thoughts eventually wandered toward a pda phone. For those that know me this probably seemed like a no brainer. I have a long history of pda dependence going back years to a Palm 3X. However, I already had a pda that I was quite happy with. For the last year and a half I had used my HP iPAQ 2215 for everything from a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), an e-book reader, an MP3 player, a photo wallet, an alarm clock, a mobile web browser(utilizing a .pact flash wifi card), among many other things. Trying to cram a phone in to all of this seemed overwhelming, but curiosity – and my need for a new gadget – got the better of me. My search was twofold – look for a new mobile phone and a new provider. With my current cellular provider I didnt get any reception in my home so I needed to find a carrier that did. Through various unscientific means such as my own opinion polls of friends and work associates in conjunction with some internet research I whittled my way down to either Cingular or Verizon. Both tended to get high marks from the users I polled and the from internet research. With this part of the equation worked out I went online to see what kind of phones each had to offer. I was willing to go with a 2 year .mitment in the hopes of getting a better deal on phone and plan pricing. In addition I wanted to get a group plan where my wife and I could share minutes. So, now Im looking on each .panys respective websites for their state of the art Pocket PC phones. Im not talking about the Smart phones these are the phones with Pocket PC software jammed into a tiny little screen that isnt even a touch screen that just wouldnt satisfy my needs. Im talking about the full blown, why are you talking into your calculator? Pocket PC phones the uber-geek, pocket protector included kind of micro .puter powerhouse. After all, Im married now and Im really not worried about public opinion or impressing anyone with my sleek, stylish, sexy new cell phone. Im hoping to spend around $300.00. I figure I can sell my iPAQ 2215 on eBAY for $200.00 and $100.00 for a new phone seems like a pretty good deal. So, what I find is one heck of a price tag. Verizon has the much talked about Treo 700. This is the first Treo with the Pocket PC operating system Windows Mobile 5.0. This .es in at $500.00. Way too pricey for me and it doesnt even have Wifi. Cingulars best price on a PocketPC phone wasnt much better. I could get an HP iPAQ hw6510 for $400.00. Again, no wifi. This is a real sticking point for me. I dont see any reason why a device designed for .munication would leave out this major specification. Being able to connect to an 802.11b/g wireless network when it is available is a necessity. Okay, back to the drawing board, maybe I can try this from a different angle Ebay. Looking up Pocket PC phone on Ebay gets you quite a lot of hits with a good assortment of newer and older Pocket PC phones. At this point Im thinking that I could get something maybe slightly used that would meet all of my requirements. This would also give me a good cross section of exactly what is out there and what features are available in this type of gadget. After going through quite a lot of auction descriptions and cross referencing manufacturer web sites I had set my sites on a particular phone, the Siemens SX66. This particular phone/pda .bo had been offered by Cingular until recently and it no longer showed on their website. It seemed to fit my wish list: a fast 400mhz xscale processor, wifi, Bluetooth, SDIO slot and it had a slide out keyboard for text input. So, I watched a few auctions and kept an eye on the prices. But, sometimes you just have to get off of the inter. and hit the brick and mortar. I went to my local Verizon and Cingular stores and talked to the sales reps about what plans I was looking for. I wasnt impressed with my long wait at the Verizon Wireless store or the pushy salesman that I got. He seemed to think he knew just what I needed and kept showing me phones and plans that I just wasnt interested in. I had a different experience at the Cingular store. The sales rep showed me a map of the cell coverage around my home, he talked to me about the plans that I had seen on the website and when I mentioned to him that I had been looking at a Siemens SX66 Pocket PC phone on Ebay he went into the back of the store and came out with the last SX66 that they had. I signed on to a 2 year deal with Cingular that night with a heck of a good deal on a Pocket PC phone that had all the specifications that I had been looking for. And you know what? I can even talk on my Siemens SX66 sitting in my living room. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: