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UnCategorized People who talk with their hands seem friendlier. That was the conclusion of the body language expert who wrote "You Can’t Lie to Me". A University of Alberta researcher who studies hand gestures discovered we use hand gestures more when talking about spatial concepts. We use them when we have vivid images in our mind of what we’re trying to say. People who have trouble finding the right words are likelier to talk with their hands. So are bilinguals. Finally, women – by a small percentage – talk more with their hands than men – but women talk more than men "hands down". Dogs behave like children. Similar behaviors between our dogs, our children and ourselves are due to bonding that happens when our dogs and children consider us a "secure base" providing confidence, .fort and safety. In a study published in PLoS ONE, dogs earned food rewards by manipulating interactive toys in 3 situations: absent owner, silent owner and encouraging owner. The animals were much more willing to manipulate the toys when their owners were present – whether they were silent or encouraging. Previous studies have shown a similar secure base effect between children and parents. Security is a "baseic" need. Yogurt tastes creamier and more expensive when eaten with a lightweight, plastic spoon. That was the conclusion of an Oxford University study in which 35 participants tasted with several different spoons. Yogurt tastes sweeter with a light-colored spoon than with a black spoon. Research by Cornell University discovered people eat 16% more cereal when they use a larger bowl .pared to a smaller bowl – although they thought they’d eaten 7% less. People poured 76% more soda into a short, wide glass than into a tall, thin glass – although they thought they’d poured less. Obviously, an "eyeful" isn’t an exact measure. Statuette #9325 is on display at the Manchester Museum in England. It’s a pre-fabricated figure that was put in a small tomb around 1800 B.C. When the figure was moved a few feet in 2013, it started to subtly rotate. A time-lapse camera took a picture of it every minute for a week. Because the statuette turned only during the day, the movement was attributed to foot traffic. However, it turns in a perfect circle. Perhaps the movement is related to the inscription on the figure’s back requesting a sacrifice of beer, bread and animals. After all, "Where there’s life, there’s Bud". About the Author: 相关的主题文章: