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News-and-Society When it .es to celebrity magazines, you had better be sure that you are picking the right ones. There are many different magazines that you can choose from, and you will find that the longer you read celebrity magazines, the more apt you are going to be have your favorites when it .es to these magazines and to be able to have magazines that you feel are very important to you when it .es to celebrity news. There are several magazines that you can choose from, and there are several that you should read for in depth coverage of your favorite celebrities and what they are currently up to. People Magazine People Magazine has a circulation of 3.75 million and it was named "Magazine of the Year" by Advertising Age in October 2005. This award was for excellence in editorial, circulation and advertising. People offers many celebrity articles, however, they began as a personal interest magazine, and still publish many features on personal interest topics. Along with the stories about celebrities and other things, you will find many different stories about regular people and people who have made the news for many different reasons. People Magazine usually does in depth coverage of personal interest stories and big news stories, and has several famous features. For instance, they do a column each year that talks about who they feel are the sexiest people of that previous year. Us Weekly US Weekly is a magazine that is affiliated with People Magazine. US Weekly offers breaking news and information on top celebrity stories and styles. The main focus of the magazine is on celebrities while People centers on personal interest topics. US Weekly has an exclusive deal with MTV’s "The Hills" and has special issues all year long. Some of the topics of these special issues are best bodies and best makeovers. Publisher Jann Wenner insists that US Weekly is "nice to celebrities" and not as gossipy as its .petitors. Star Magazine Founded in 1974, Star Magazine is mostly tabloid derived, including sections titled "Worst of the Week" which details the worst fashion mistakes of the week and "Knife styles of the Rich and Famous" which cover plastic surgery operations that celebrities have done. Overall, Star Magazine focuses on the latest celebrity news, gossip, photos and exclusives. Star has a "Beauty Club" which gives makeup tips and promotes certain beauty products, and also has weekly quizzes and games. Ok! Magazine Ok! Magazine is one of the top magazines when it .es to celebrity gossip. OK! Magazine focuses on exclusive celebrity news, hot photos and videos and fashion trends. OK! Magazine is published in the United States but also circulated in Europe, where it was founded. It is a weekly publication, which helps to retain readers while entertaining them as well. OK! is best known for its top coverage of celebrity weddings and also for exclusive interviews and personal revelations of the hottest celebrities in the entertainment industry. The magazine focuses on positive developments in celebrity’s lives. Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly is not tabloid driven like many of its .petitors. EW is fashioned toward a more general audience, particularly young people and women. Unlike many of its .petitors, Entertainment Weekly focuses on breaking entertainment news about celebrities, TV shows, movies, music and books. EW also contains celebrity interviews, movie and DVD reviews including top selling book, music and DVD titles. No matter which of the news magazines you are reading on a daily basis, you should be sure to know that each of these magazines provides a slightly different take on the entertainment world. There are many talented actors and musicians who do not receive any mention in these publications. Besides the titles listed above, there are more in-depth and specialized magazines to choose from. Also, although many of these magazines look similar, it is important to remember that some magazines which revolve around celebrity news are more trustworthy than others. The magazines that are in the top five celebrity magazines all have very wide and extensive histories. They are magazines that pride themselves on providing the readers with as much news a possible when it .es to the various types of gossip that they are interested in. Most of the time, these news magazines provide information on celebrities, wealthy individuals and other people that have, for one reason or another, made it their goal to be in the news and in the public eye. This means, however, that there is a lot of .petition amongst the magazines to sell the most copies. Therefore, when you are reading most of the celebrity magazines, you should take things with a grain of salt and make sure that the information you have been given actually checks out in the real world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: