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Advertising Starting a business is no easy task. Making it and keeping it successful can be even more difficult. Besides the everyday aspects of running a business, there are many small details associated with making a business successful. There is nothing more important to a business than keeping its employees and its customers happy. A business with unhappy employees does not run smoothly. A business without customers makes no money. One of the best ways for a business or .pany to keep its employees and customers satisfied is through .munication. In the business world, .munication can mean anything from a phone call to a personal letter. In some situations, phone calls and emails may be considered improper or impersonal methods of .munication. If your .pany is looking for a more personal way to .municate with its employees and its clients, you should consider the use of business invitations, announcements, and thank you cards.One of the most important resources a target organization has is its talent pool, yet the human dimension receives woefully inadequate attention during M&As. Fail to pay attention to the human dimensions and human dynamics of M&A activity, and you’ll lose key talent. Organizations typically focus on a target’s intellectual property and capital, while failing to recognize the capabilities and strengths of their employees, even though the latter enhance their .petitive edge. As researchers Pfeffer and Tromley put it, "See the workforce as a source of strategic advantage, not just as a cost to be minimized or avoided. One of the best business solutions offered by the SMS broadcast .panies is the corporate announcement. The term corporate announcement means the presentation of the annual report of the budget, the products manufactured etc of the business organization. The corporate announcements .prise of presentations and seminars which cover all the essential undertakings in the business .anization. Even if the people being let go are considered dead wood or have made some enemies, they don’t deserve to be used as a scapegoat or humiliated. If the announcement involves managers, executives or a long-service, well-loved employee, devote a sentence or two to describing each person’s legacy. To add credibility, use specific, concrete examples and anecdotes. Everyone also knows that "pursuing new opportunities" almost always means the leave is involuntary or prompted by a golden carrot. Simply say that declining revenues have forced senior management to make some job cuts. Don’t dress it up with big words. Quickly explain why the cuts had to be made to that area and mention previous cost-cutting measures that didn’t involve people losing their jobs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: