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Team-Building After purchasing Corpus Christi homes , one of the first things that many new homeowners do is to join the local homeowners association. While homeowners associations can provide you with a wonderful social network in addition to offering a host of other benefits, being a part of such an association means you have to follow the rules it has set forth. In order to stay in good standing with your organization, make sure you know and follow its guidelines and regulations. You can usually find these printed in a guidebook or other informational material distributed by the association, though most rules are just based on good, old fashioned .mon sense. Skip the Crazy Colors So, youve always wanted a cotton candy pink house? Or maybe youve spent your whole life dreaming of a rainbow colored fence? Unfortunately, if youre a member of a homeowners association, those dreams might need to stay firmly entrenched in fantasy land. Most homeowners associations have rules in place about what paint colors are acceptable for your home, and neutral, basic, sensible colors tend to be the preferred choice. Dont worry, though, you can still show your personality in little ways. Opt for colorful flowers or a few brightly colored lawn decorations instead. Think Before You Adopt a Pet Most homeowners associations dont have anything against petswithin reason. Dogs and cats are usually fine, providing you dont adopt an unapproved breed, such as those considered dangerous by your homeowners association. Of course, you also cant have too many. Two dogs or two cats might be fine, but chances are that your homeowners association (not to mention the Board of Health!) is going to have a problem with twenty furry critters. If youre inside of the city limits, animals that are .monly found on farmslike pigs or cowsprobably arent going to fly either. Dont Go Overboard with Lawn Decorations Flowers or a few tasteful lawn decorations might be a good alternative to brightly colored Corpus Christi homes , but its possible to go overboard with these as well. If every inch of your yard is covered in flowers or if youve got so many lawn gnomes on your property that theyre spilling over into the street, you might want to rethink that decorating scheme. Generally, anything that is distracting or that your neighbors might consider an eyesore is a no-no for homeowners associations. Proper Lawn Care Speaking of lawns, make sure youre keeping things nice and tidy all year round. In the summer and spring months, bust out that lawnmower or hire the kid down the street to cut your grass. Keep your leaves raked and bagged in the fall, and dont let snow and slush pile up in the winter. Remember, your lawn doesnt just reflect you; it reflects on the neighborhood as a whole. Members of your homeowners association want to be proud of the homes within their .anization, and they cant do that if youre the one hold-out with a poorly kept yard! Keep your Corpus Christi Home neighbor friendly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: