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Relationships One cant undermine the fact that Facebook has intoxicated individuals of all class and ages ever since its existence. Its open to teenagers and elderly individuals alike. Once you create a Facebook profile, your personal information gathers a wild exposure. Strangers can effortlessly sneak into your past, present and future. However, when you accept a friend request, you are pretty much aware of the fact that you have set yourself up to be stalked. As a matter of fact, this is a .mon phenomenon with every other social .working website out there. Most of us might have dealt with Facebook stalkers at some point or the other. There are truckloads of individuals out there who might have accepted your friend request without really knowing anything about you. In some cases, there might been some gradual exchange of messages over a period of time. Although gradually, we are paving the way for someone to surely enter our lives, despite having little or no information about the persons background. Having said that, most of the Facebook stalkers are harmless. In most cases, they are lonely individuals looking for new friends to enter into their lives. However, some stalkers might have dangerous intentions. Being stalked on a social .working website is as obvious as adding sugar to a cup of tea. Its more of an inevitable process. As a matter of fact, everyone out there indulges in the stalking act. In most cases, our intentions are harmless; our stalking intentions are inclined towards curiosity and loneliness. Admits all this stalking act happening around us, of late Facebook has introduced a new application called Stalker Check which lets you know about the individuals sneaking into your profile. Heres a quick glimpse of the Stalker Check Facebook application. 1) Stalker Check will reveal who’s been looking at your Facebook profile, however, it won’t unveil the fact, how many times your profile has been visited by the individual. 2) Although the number of profile visits are not listed, it contains a ranking list which allows a stalked individual to know, who’s been desperately revisiting their profile. However, if you simply visit someone’s Facebook profile, and do not click on anything, then it won’t be counted in the list of top stalkers. Most of us might think that this is a perfect application to unleash the creepy stalkers visiting your profile. However, this may not be 100% true. For security reasons, this application will list only those users who had some kind of interaction with your profile at least once during your entire friendship duration. This implies, that the real stalkers will get themselves protected under the security norms. Some might call Stalker Check a cruel application. However, when an individual crates a profile on a public website, in a way it implies that the person has voluntarily chosen to expose the details about him/her. One can’t defy the fact that once a data is uploaded on a public website, it can gather exposure beyond one’s wildest imagination. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: