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Self-Improvement GUARDING YOUR THOUGHTS Ever experience a day that seems to begin with a black cloud hanging over your head? Even before you open your eyes, you begin to dread the day ahead. Tossing and turning as you forecast a busy, high stress day. You start reviewing that overcrowded "to do" list that’s been nagging you forever. Add to this the kids were sick during the night, or the alarm failed to go off on time and you can guarantee that black cloud is be.ing a full blown storm. Contrast the stormy day to the day prior to your annual vacation. You’ve planned it to the minute. You’re packed and ready to leave early in the morning to that favorite getaway sure to recharge your batteries and soothe your frazzled nerves. You wake up early, feeling refreshed and ready to rock. You can’t wait to get on the road. Yet, the kids were sick during the night or the alarm failed to go off on time. However, none of these things ruined your morning, the day, or the vacation. Why the disparity in how we feel preparing for a workday or preparing for our vacation? It’s all in the self-talk that plays in our thoughts. The self-talk playing in our thoughts result in the attitude, feelings and actions we experience. Some tips to ensure your self-talk remains positive: 1. Play the Percentages – Ask yourself how important this negative event is in your entire life. Chances are when you look back at this event a few months or years from now, it won’t make a blip on your radar screen. That’s true of most of those negative thoughts rambling around in our heads today. Have the foresight to realize it’s really not that important .pared to your entire life and choose instead to let go of the negative thoughts. 2. Practice Positivity – When you find yourself fretting about what the day holds, change your negative thoughts to positive ones. Instead of, "I know it’s going to be a busy day today. I’ll probably not even get a break or be able to go to lunch," try, "Nothing’s going to happen today that I can’t handle with grace and aplomb." 3. Surround Yourself with Positive People – Ever spend time with a friend who tends to live on the negative side of life? It usually isn’t long before you find yourself feeling down, too. Or, you find most of your visits involve you playing therapist and trying to cheer them up. Don’t let negative people suck the life out of you. Choose positive friends instead; those that feel good about their lives. Surround yourself with people who build you up instead of pull you down. This isn’t about having a Pollyanna outlook on life; for into every life there will be adversity. The difference in positive people and negative ones are that the positive people see the adversity and know that it won’t last forever and that they will over.e the adversity. 4. Program Positive – Thoughts If you have difficulty changing those negative thoughts to positive ones try this tried and true method of changing your thoughts. Write out positive affirmations on post-it notes (one affirmation for each post-it) and place them in places you will see them; such as the bathroom mirror, the dashboard of your vehicle, your .puter monitor, your desk top, etc. The idea here is to re-program your thought process to a more positive outlook by being reminded often of positive thoughts. What should a positive affirmation sound like? Here’s a sample of positive affirmations that have worked for others to get you started: * Today is going to be a great day. * I handle upset customers with poise and a smile. * I perform my job well. I .plete my work efficiently and accurately. * I always find the right thing to say to someone who is upset that calms them down. You will notice that all positive affirmation statements are worded as if the statement is already true. This is an important ingredient in the process of changing your thoughts. Our actions tend to align to what we think about. If we get stuck in negative self-talk a host of issues can be.e our normal; everything from increased stress to ruined relationships can result when we allow negative thoughts to continually occupy our minds. Turn off the negative thoughts and begin the process of positive self-talk to improve your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: