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Automobiles The Eclipse by Mitsubishi motors is a car loaded with safety and performance features that puts this Mitsubishi in a class by its self. From the 265-horse MIVEC V6 engine to the six air-bag safety system, the Eclipse has plenty to offer drivers. The MIVEC V6 engine in the GT model has the power and the low-end torque to blast you off and get you up to speed in a matter of seconds. This 3.8-liter engine in the GT has the power and the punch that puts the fun back into driving. For those who like to grab the gears for themselves, the Mitsubishi Eclipse offers a manual 6-speed transmission. For those who prefer not to have to worry with shifting gears they offer a 5-speed automatic transmission. Along with the high- performance from the Eclipse, the Eclipse also has some impressive safety features. Such features as a six air-bag system, to cushion passengers in the event of a crash. Frontal air bags, side seat air bags, and curtain air- bags, all placed according to crash testing. In addition to the air-bag system, the Eclipse is also equipped with an anti- lock brakes and active stability control. These features on the 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse make it an attractive sports car. Along with its aggressive and stylish design, the Eclipse not only offers performance and safety but also looks nice as well. The Mulish Eclipse has been around since 1989, it was originally manufactured for the left-hand market. Through a relationship with the Chrysler Corporation known as Diamond-Star Motors it was also sold as the Eagle Talon, and Plymouth Laser captive imports. Down through the years the Eclipse has underwent four dissimilar generations. The first and second generation is very similar and shares many of the same parts. The third generations parts are for the most part incompatible with the first and the second generation due to being based on a different platform. The fourth generation of the Eclipse came out in May of 2005. For those people who have been enjoying driving the Eclipse for years, there is good news. There seems to be no shortage of parts available for the Eclipse. There are parts available for all year models of the Eclipse, even going back to the early years. There are places that sell used parts for the Eclipse as well as brand new in the box parts for the Eclipse. Parts do wear out on cars; it is good to know that there are plenty of replacement parts readily available for the Eclipse. In addition to replacement parts for the Eclipse, there are also custom parts that are available. There are parts dealers that offer such items as body kits, dash trim kits, ground effects, Euro taillights, ground effects, catback exhaust, lambo doors, rear spoilers, air intakes, and other performance parts to customize an Eclipse. Driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse can be a pleasure, and an adventurous driving experience. With high performance, a sporty look, and great safety features, the Mitsubishi Eclipse has a lot to offer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: