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Mobile-Cell-Phone Having established great success in the UK tablet market with their Galaxy Tab devices Korean manufacturer Samsung are turning their attention to the neglected netbook sector with the release of the exciting new Chromebook. This new device not only offers some superb specification but also sports a brand new operating system in the form of Google Chrome OS. Unlike traditional laptops that access functions stored on the computer itself this new OS is designed to access features and functions stored in a "Cloud" system via its internet connection. This certainly look like the way the market is moving considering that Windows are also due to release system that operates in a similar manner. Anybody who has used Google Chrome as a web browser will be familiar with just how simple the interface is. Rather than sporting a traditional desktop the Chromebooks main screen will be the Chrome homepage. From here not only will the user be able to gain instant internet access but also access to their material stored via the cloud system. The interface certainly looks great and this is thanks to the gorgeous screen that this device employs. Measuring 12.1 inches it is perfectly poised to offer more portability than the traditional laptop whilst offering larger sizers than the numerous Tablet systems available. The screen uses the very latest anti reflective and anti glare materials so it is perfectly usable in all manner of conditions including outdoors in sunlight. The display also boasts a 300nit brightness rating which gives all material a vibrant and vivid appearance. The new Samsung Chromebook boasts an excellent chipset designed to make the device effortlessly handle all manner of tasks. The main driving force behind this is the 1.66Ghz processor which is manufactured by market leaders Intel. This Atom N570 chip brings Hyper Threading to the device which basically means more efficient multi tasking. In addition to this the processor boasts superb power management which in turn places less strain on the battery. The result is a battery life expectancy of around 8.5 hours of usage which is far superior to many similar units that are available. The Chromebook also beats many of its netbook competitors when it comes to internally memory where 2GB is offered rather than the 1Gb which has pretty much become the industry standard. The popularity of Google Chrome as a browser together with Samsungs launch of this impressive new device should ensure that the Chromebook becomes a hit with consumers when it eventually hits the shelves. The device looks superb and offers specification that far exceeds what many equivalent models can offer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: