Anti Depressant Ecstasy Can Lead To Addiction!

Health Ecstasy as the name suggests it induces refreshing feeling into our system. This drug is widely prescribed by the psychologists as a therapeutic drug against dullness, sadness. This drug releases a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm in our body. This drug helps in improving the relations. Ecstasy effects are being revealed in careful clinical studies at Ecstacy addiction research centers. Ecstacy reduces serotonin levels in users, in ways that produce memory loss, depression in long term use of this drug, it can also cause permanently depressed insomnia. Ecstasy also depletes dopamine, the neurotransmitter which is associated with pleasure and feeling really good in users. Ecstacy is slang name for MDMA. It is due to the structure and function of the brain and central nervous system, an ecstasy user won’t recognize the drop in pleasure and good feeling until 70% to 80% of the dopamine in the brain is burnt out. The Ecstasy user won’t know that there is a problem until it is too late. This drug heightens the feeling of lovingness, kindness and affection in the user. So this kind of experience is very much wel.ed in the stressful world. This drug decreases sleepy feeling and increases the physical endurance. This drug also causes decrease in fluid intake, thus leading to dehydration. Various studies have also revealed that the entertainer also use this drug to feel enthusiastic for performing a concert. There are heavy and light ecstacy users. Some of them, who intake ecstacy heavily can be classified into the heavy users category, heavy amount can turn a user into an addict. Once a user an addict, then it very difficult to turn back. This way person gets deeper into this addiction. This drug also works as a relaxant. Many people, who face stress daily, can take support of this drug to feel relaxed and light. Unknowingly a small amount of intake of this drug can lead to heavier dosage and eventually make the user an addict. The usage of ecstacy has increased significantly in the last two decades. Ecstacy treatment can be availed at various drug rehabilitation centers. This treatment includes .bined medicinal and cognitive approach. Thus an all round recovery is gained. Residential drug rehab is strongly re.mended for recovery treatment from ecstacy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: