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At the end of the city: gold Regret shocks, market shocks for Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! At the beginning of the week after the Golden Road opened, a pressure drop, the overall decline in the highest point at the end of last week, 1330 line, 1312 line minimum. The shocks were biased downward, yesterday after the Daily Star Cross K bardo finishing powei. Morning plunge 1312 line, but failed to quickly fell to below 1310, it is perhaps a stabilized signal today. Morning plunge not Powei days basic rebound correction based. In the continuous decline, the market bulls have setbacks, which also belong to reason. On the basis of a strong counterattack in the dollar index, the United States and non noble metal is difficult to out of a strong bull trend, so only downward shocks or low sideways to hedge dollar index upside. From the recent trend, the market trend of severe shock correction early. Early U.S. stocks strong high sideways, in 2 consecutive days fell out of the environment, taking a certain degree, but still maintain 18000 above. The dollar index pre downturn sideways near 95, rather than the United States Manniu market shock upstream, came out of the market correction in the end of last week. And this amendment continues to fear before the Federal Reserve interest rates. Fed interest rate uncertainty is the main factor in the recent optimistic about the author. I believe that before the Federal Reserve interest rates, the stock market, foreign exchange funds will choose to wait and see. And the withdrawal of U.S. stocks has been precisely this point. The stock market downturn, but did not drive the market for gold and silver that market is waiting. Yesterday 1333 near empty, overnight minimum of 1320 line, 1312 line opened sharply lower in early trading. Strictly speaking, the profit is enough. Today, the main focus on the correction of the day. Strong support below the 1305 line. The current chart is in the range of correction, the rise in the overall pattern of the channel, the Bulls still high correction. Random Sicha passivation, MACD index of 0 axis bonding operation, the gold is not completely down completely. But the axons of the medium-term bearish unchanged. First focus on the current round of market rebound correction. Days of operation idea: the bargain. Crude oil after black Friday, unable to get up after a fall out of the low around the trend. On the one hand, supply still seriously disrupt the crude oil market, on the other hand, the United States and Canada strong move down, and the decline of stock index futures. For oil bulls are worse. But a lot of bad circumstances under the chain, the original decline is not large, but also objectively reflect the wishes of the market. The daily crude oil under the rail support position of the 43.68 line, after a large counterattack level, dropping 43.6 support, the author proposed second stages of bull ambush. Prior to the first phase of the long ambush in 38-40, crude oil upside 50-51 line. From the current step back to the second stage of the 43.6 offensive conditions 50-51. The author suggests that in the 45-43.8 area相关的主题文章: