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.puters-and-Technology The huge amount of data stored on .puters at home and in businesses, .bined with the need to protect the files from disaster, has resulted in the need for backup mass data storage. Often when backups are full of copies of a network with increments of file changes, the backup is even larger than the originals. Because the data needs vary greatly, so do the backup mass data storage devices that meet them. All Shapes and Sizes Large businesses often store backups on tape devices. Sometimes the entire network is copied at regular intervals and the tapes are stored and then reused. Sometimes the network is copied, and then supplemented with taped copies of only the changes made since the last copy was .pleted. The copies have to be made at times when the network is not being used, and the tapes have to be stored carefully and replaced before they be.e worn. Other backup mass data storage devices use discs such as CD’s or DVD’s. The procedure is similar to that used with tapes. Because tape reels can hold more data, the discs have to be changed manually as they be.e full. .pression is used to fit more data on each device. For individual files, or those on a home .puter, a zip drive may be sufficient to .press the data for storage. USB devices often serve as backup mass data storage devices. External hard drives can backup all of the programs on a .puter hard drive with or without the data files. It acts as a mirror of the existing hard drive and can restore a damaged .puter easily. Flash memory devices are good options for both permanent storage and portable storage. The USB Implementers Forum has .e up with a standardized set of .munications protocols for backup mass data storage using USB. This ensures that all devices whether for external storage, digital cameras or cell phones will work with the USB port on a .puter regardless of the manufacturer. This includes the operating systems of most .puters. The need for backup mass data storage devices began with large businesses like banks and stock exchanges, and has now filtered down to small businesses and home .puters. The important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that otherwise irreplaceable files are backed up for protection. Whether the files consist of credit card numbers for thousands of customers or the first photos of someone’s grandchild, backup mass data storage devices can be lifesavers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: