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Beijing Badaling tiger accident claims 1 million 540 thousand families — Society — original title: Badaling tiger accident claims 1 million 540 thousand families in July 23rd this year, Beijing Badaling wild zoo Tiger Tiger Park occurred accident, 32 year old female tourists Zhao Li (a pseudonym) get off the bus, being towed tigers, the mother Zhou chase off was the tiger bite. The incident caused Zhou died, Zhao Li injured. With the zoo negotiation, recently, Zhao Li and his father will be the Badaling wild zoo to court, claims a total of more than 154 yuan. November 22nd, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter was informed that the current Yanqing court has filed. In addition, the families of the victims and lawyer in court yesterday afternoon in Yanqing, hope that the Beijing high court designated jurisdiction of the case by the Yanqing court hearing the case. The tiger was the tiger bite off the tourists died the families of the victims said in the indictment, July 23, 2016 at 2 pm, the plaintiff Zhao Li and wife Liu, Zhou, Liu mother son (then two-and-a-half-year-old) line 4 car ride to Beijing Badaling wildlife park. In the zoo entrance door, Zhao Li wife Liu from the hands of the staff to buy tickets (including tickets, tickets and personnel vehicles) entrance ticket staff only verbally inform the beast area, prohibited non off roll down the window, and in a car park car damage liability agreement on the registration form. In addition, the family had no other security warning education. At first, Zhao Li driving a car with a family visit, one family first according to visit order in the non northeast tiger beast area tour, and then arrived at the tourist Rest Area, where a five minute break, then changed by his wife Liu driving a car. Around 3 pm, when the vehicle from the Siberian Tiger Park Export 19 meters, Zhao Li because the car so dizzy, with her husband Zhao Li driving by. The park road warning signs, complex number is obviously insufficient, and there is a patrol car and a number of tourists stranded in the car, at this time Zhao Li produced a miscarriage of justice, think they have been the beast area, relatively safe, so parking change. When the plaintiff Zhao Li from the copilot car, from the front of the cab around to the side position, waiting for her husband solution of the safety belt, suddenly heard the sound of car horns, when Zhao Li to look around when a tiger leapt to the behind, Zhao Li bite back, and Zhao Li is dragged to the hillside not far from the platform. In this sudden situation, Zhao Li’s husband, Liu and her mother quickly from the car down, trying to rescue Zhao Li, but found that the slope of the tiger to get off the side of the tiger there are three tigers next to the. Then, a patrol car arrived at the zoo, but the car can not open up the hillside drive tiger, only spin in place. Zhao Li’s husband immediately to shoot the door and window to the car on patrol for help, but the car workers refused to get off the rescue, claiming that they did not dare to get off, only the horn and step on the way to scare the tiger. At this point, the other side of the platform on the slopes of a tiger attacked Zhao Li’s mother zhou. Tiger Zhao Li and his mother continued to bite in a few minutes, and a few patrol car over, in an attempt to drive the tiger)相关的主题文章: