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Beijing – VIDEO – weather forecast data come from? Where did the weather workers come from? Weather workers for you [interpretation] weather forecast is closely related to people’s daily lives, however, these temperature, humidity measurement data is how to get it? September 27th – 29, the Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Bureau held a meteorological industry skills competition, the reporter interviewed the meteorological workers, listen to professionals how to say. The staff told reporters that this equipment is a test participants automatic weather station, which consists of meteorological sensor, micro meteorological data acquisition instrument, power supply system, the anti radiation hoods, all-weather protection box and meteorological support and communication module, pressure, temperature, humidity, observation, wind the wind speed, rainfall, and meteorological observation data storage. The weather data is the basis for the forecast, and all the data on the device. The same period [] (Chongqing Meteorological Bureau staff Wei Wei) this set of equipment is a regional meteorological station we, it is in construction, such as our country or inside the campus of a meteorological facilities is the main meteorological elements common to measure wind speed and direction and so few measurements of temperature and rainfall. This is the wind sensor, measuring wind direction, the wind speed sensor, is the measurement of wind speed, the rainfall sensor is to measure rainfall here, as well as the temperature sensor, temperature measurement, the main meteorological factors on it were a real-time monitoring. How to ensure the stability and accuracy of these data? It is necessary to do a good job of equipment maintenance and protection work. At the competition site, participants need to complete the automatic station related equipment fault diagnosis, on-site maintenance, equipment maintenance, rainfall calibration and other subjects. The same period [] (Chongqing Meteorological Bureau staff Wei Wei) the city’s meteorological industry competition, the test subject is equipment of automatic station for meteorological equipment maintenance is the ability to conduct a comprehensive assessment, the meteorological personnel of these meteorological facilities, such as a fault, can timely it was restored, an assessment of its ability to guarantee the normal operation of the. Reporter Jiang Xijia Chongqing reports相关的主题文章: