British female teacher shouted 121.7 DB loud world record for 22 years in

British female teacher shouted 121.7 DB loud world record for 22 years – Beijing, Beijing, November 13, according to foreign media reports, the world class are pursuing "silence is golden" adage, but a primary school teacher is the world’s largest screaming sound British in northern ireland. According to reports, in Belfast Annalisha Flanagan in 1994 to shout out a new world record of 121.7 dB, this record has been maintained so far. Fortunately, although Annalisha have such a secret weapon, but she never used her high decibel shouts to teach students. "I don’t really yell," she said with a smile. "I would rather use candy to please the children. I want them to like me! "Besides, you may be able to cry for two weeks, but you can’t yell all year long. My voice was hoarse enough." In fact, she had nothing to do with her teacher’s work, was found to be purely accidental. In 1992, I attended a summer camp held by the church, a total of about 500 people. At that time, they organized a challenge record activities." "I am a very strong person. I saw a shouting contest, but I felt a little shy and didn’t take part in it. But a child told me that my twin sister was about to win. I thought, she did, I’m sure." It is reported that the world record was 119 db. "My sister called 119.1 decibels, and I yelled for 119.4 decibels. She kept the record for a few minutes, and then I broke it." Two years later, Annalisha was defending a game in Belfast. "I called out 121.7 decibels, and this record has been maintained until today." Anna Lisa said that the chance to get the world record has been maintained for 22 years, she also felt incredible. Her voice was not quite as loud, especially after her tonsillectomy. I can also call 115 dB, but has not reached a long time to reach 120 db." But her students still admire the teacher’s extraordinary ability. Anna Lisa said, "I think it’s sweet. Sometimes I see students who have graduated for years. They were more than and 20 years old, but still will ask the teacher, you are a world record holder?" Anna Lisa said, "this record has been going on for so long, it’s crazy!"相关的主题文章: