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Marketing Have you ever sat down to dinner and had the phone ring only to get a pre-recorded message or Voice Broadcast? So when I pose the question I do in the title, many first inclinations will be to respond negatively. If you do think that way then you may be missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you. All of us who have had our dinners interrupted are the victims of a business that did not understand the tool and how it should fit into a professional Marketing Program. If they did we wouldn’t have received that call in the first place. The reality is Voice Broadcasting is not a Prospect Generator. Used in this manner it leads to frustration and sometimes anger. Neither of these conditions is conducive to attracting new prospects. What Voice Broadcasting is, is one of the most useful and cost effective Automated Client Retention Tools you can have in your Marketing Arsenal. Marketing statistics demonstrate that it is ten times easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new prospect. That’s because they have a relationship with you, and already know and trust you. Voice Broadcasting automates the relationship in a personal way no other technology can. Marketing is essentially the creation and maintenance of relationships. This is because people want to feel .fortable with the people they are doing business with. They desire, at some level, a relationship. We also have to bear in mind that most purchasers, up to 95% in fact, are simply in the information gathering mode and are NOT ready to buy when you first contact them. This being the case, Voice Broadcasting very important to a business as they start to build and nurture that relationship. I have learned about a .pany that has spent the last 12 years developing a series of integrated marketing technologies including Voice Broadcasting. They have actually defined 10 key features that any Voice Broadcasting solution must incorporate into their technology. That .pany is called Automated Marketing Solutions or AMS. AMS provides a full array of marketing technology tools and processes that allow any .pany to deliver a .prehensive marketing program using tested and proven methods. Their many years of experience in Direct Response Marketing ensure that even the beginner can quickly integrate and take advantage of all of the benefits of Voice Broadcasting. They not only provide training on message creation, they will even have the messages professionally recorded for you. And it doesn’t stop there. AMS provides the capability for a .pany to place their ENTIRE Marketing Program on Auto-pilot. Once a business marketing program (including voice messages, e-mails, faxes and other broadcast and mail out collateral) is .piled and sequenced, their Lead Management System or LMS provides the unique ability to manage and control that program without any further human interaction. The benefits to this system are significant time savings on what would otherwise be labor intensive tasks. It also allows for consistency in marketing messages. Businesses never need worry about losing customers who misinterpreted your lack of contact for lack of interest. To learn more about Voice Broadcasting and how it can benefit your business visit Automated Marketing Solutions today. See how quickly and economically you can implement and start benefiting from AMS tested and proven technology and experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: