China and the United States venture capital Huang Zhiyi early investment core concerns and a few sug

Huang Zhiyi: Sino US venture capital investment in early core concerns and suggestions on science and technology – Sohu share Huang Zhiyi finishing Zhong Xueqing Huang Zhiyi is a founding partner of Sino US venture, Sino US venture capital was founded in September 2014, the fund management scale of 500 million, investment in areas such as finance, entertainment, science and technology of information security, big data etc.. This is Huang Zhiyi in the small dining table ShenZhen Railway Station entrepreneurial class share, and some suggestions mainly from the perspective of venture capital in his early investment in core concerns and analysis of recent market play. The small table does not affect the intent of the arrangement, the following is to share the record. The core focus of early investment from the macro background, for entrepreneurs, this is the best of times. There is no doubt that almost everything is likely to be overturned, the threshold of entrepreneurship in the lower, but the difficulty of entrepreneurship has never been easy. This is also true, like we will probably see 5000 projects each year, the final investment of about 15-20. Early entrepreneurial projects has several key factors: 1, the founding team, we will focus on several points, the first is the ability to learn; the second is the anti frustration ability; the third is the executive power, the core is the ability to find a talent. What is a class a talent? A talent is the top talent. My advice to everyone is: in the early stages of entrepreneurship, to create a team at all costs. When some of the best people get together, they can make a big difference. To choose a vision and insight into the integration of resources, one can put the vision into technical experts, the actual product of a judgment of market and grasp the user group, a marketing master, a financial officer very careful in reckoning the understanding of capital market supervisor. 2, the market space, an Internet venture we will ask how big the market, if the target market is large enough, then the growth path is feasible? It is important to understand the key path. 3, the product side, in any one of the entrepreneurial projects with you to talk about the importance of the product is not too much. I prefer the words of the theory of Lei Jun said, focus, extreme, reputation, fast". This involves the core issue of the product is: your product can provide customers with different value of the user experience? There are many products seem very carefully, but did not solve the real pain points, such as many smart glass "remind drink" as a selling point, but our body itself will have this feature, I think this point will not solve the real pain points. There are only two companies in the world, one is to find PMF (Product market fit), one is not found. All of you here to do a project and quickly to the market, to see if your product is popular in the market, a good product is really a push out there will soon be a good feedback. We must have this concept, your product must be put on the market, and the market has been recognized as the first step. All business is inseparable from these three words:.相关的主题文章: