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UnCategorized While there are a variety of historic museums and buildings with architectural appeal, the city is a modern and growing metropolis that also offers plenty of entertainment, nightlife and great restaurants. Monuments that might be of interest during a city break in Seville Spain include the Cathedral of Seville, which is one of the largest of the medieval and Gothic cathedrals. The Torre del Oro is a watchtower that was built to keep boats from traveling through the port of the River Guadalquivir, which winds through Seville. The Plaza de Espana was built to exhibit a mixture of historic architecture with the glazed tiles that are typical of Spanish construction. All of these offer architectural features that can be found throughout Seville in the museums and other historic buildings that remain. The beautiful parks and gardens are another part of Seville that should be included in a city break in Seville Spain. The Parque de Maria Luisa was the site of the 1929 World’s Fair and remains landscaped for tourists that want to see how it appeared. The Alcazar Gardens can be found behind the palace of Alcazar, and the gardens of Murillo and Catalina de Ribera are close by. La Isla Magica or Cartuja Island is a theme park that many tourists visit, which now stands where the Universal Exposition of Seville was held in 1992. Because of the mild Mediterranean climate, the native plants resemble tropical areas found in Southern parts of America and the Caribbean. Every April, the April Fair, also known as the Seville fair, is held. It is a two week long celebration that features dancing, drinking and socializing. The dance that is believed to originate in Seville, the flamenco, is popular as women dress in their flamenco dresses and men dress up in their best attire. The Semana Santa is an internationally known festival held during Holy Week, which is a stark contrast, featuring solemn processions that include a beautiful array of color. When it .es to eating during your city break in Seville Spain, local specialties include fried and grilled seafood, meats and small dishes or tapas are featured along with sweet cakes, which resemble a honey coated sweet fritter or coated donuts. Marmalade made from Seville oranges has a bitter twang to it, but it is typically served, as well as other local specialties that include lamb’s kidney in sherry sauce, snails, squid, swordfish or dogfish. Spinach and chickpeas are popular, as is Olive oil, which is locally produced. Nightlife in Seville is not for the lightweights, if you really want a true sampling. While there are plenty of bars, the locals don’t start drinking until 1:00 in the morning and the discos stay open all night until as late as 10 in the morning. This all night party is what the locals call "botelloning" and the River Guadalquivir and the Plaza San Salvador are popular spots where they meet and start the evening out. No matter where you visit while on your city break in Seville Spain, you will find that booking your holiday apartment online the best way to get your ac.modations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: