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Finance 1985. A dedicated professional, Clive Sanford has worked with more than 200 private companies that include start-ups, owner managed companies, and FTSE enterprises. He has helped entrepreneurs with strategy and business planning and also worked with management teams on improving various aspects of their business. Clive has also played an instrumental role in working with clients to raise debt and equity finance for acquisition and sale of private companies. As a financial management advisor, Clive Sanford has significant experience of initiating and executing acquisitions and disposals. He has helped his clients in prestigious management buy-out and buy-in and debt and equity financing transactions. He established his own advisory firm in 1991 after working with Robson Rhodes as a Corporate Finance Partner. He worked as a Group FD of a private equity-funded £20 million group which gave him extensive experience as a principal of buying, selling and raising finance. In the past 20 years, Clive Sanford has been involved in more than 150 deals with a value as little as £50,000 and as much as £80m. In recent years, he has turned his focus to transactions in the £1m-£20m enterprise value range. At Magus Partners, Clive Sanford combines his years of experience in transaction related advisory activities and private investments to act as an advisor on the boards of companies that making their presence felt in various business area. Over the years, he has had varied experiences and exposure to various business areas and he has shown excellence in the business deals he was involved in. Clive Sanford has spent many years working in the business planning and management arena. He has advised respected business owners on how to conduct their business in the most profitable manner. Presently he is acting as a non-executive director or advisor to the Board of growing companies. As an advisor who has actually run, bought and sold his own business, he has the best understanding of market and client requirements which allows him to serve them the best of his abilities. Find out more about him and his various achievements in the business arena by browsing through .maguspartners.. 相关的主题文章: