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One season in University at Curve Wrecker class: 30 1 class of all the original title: postgraduate research at Zhengzhou University "season Curve Wrecker class a class 30 people all security research – reporter Wang Yingjie yesterday, 2017 officially graduate exam registration deadline, a class of students of grade 2013 in Zhengzhou University were all sent Paul Duyan news quickly spread, let the school many students envy is to pro forma. Dahe reporter learned that, this class from Zhengzhou University College of chemistry and molecular engineering, the class a total of 30 people (16 male, 14 female), of which the majority of students are sent to the "985 universities" and the Chinese Academy of sciences. Curve Wrecker every year, such as the class is Curve Wrecker is rare, "Curve Wrecker class" is how to make? Wang Zhiwu, deputy secretary of the College of chemistry and molecular engineering Zhengzhou University told reporters that the "Curve Wrecker" where the chemical elite class, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of chemistry, applied chemistry, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Changchun Research Institute, Chengdu Institute of organic and Chemical Research Institute led joint, Zheng than jointly established in 2012. The selection of the elite class of the very rigorous, the first semester grades of students in grade 30% before reporting to English to be able to accept the full English teaching, with the pursuit of scientific, but also through a rigorous interview expert teacher. "Elite class to combine science and education as an opportunity to cultivate top-notch innovative talents of chemistry has a profound theoretical basis, broad scientific knowledge, lofty international vision, excellent practical ability." Feng Hui, Secretary of the college, said. The reporter visited the learned, the elite class of students a sophomore, almost every week with class, exercise class nights and weekends will open. The elite class of the students smiled and said, "this is the bitter and happiness within", everyone in a self-study, discussion, help to master the knowledge and common progress, it also cultivate people’s habits, learning to live with the rhythm, but also mutual supervision. Paul Zhang Haoyang, Nankai University, said he would like to return to his hometown in Henan to contribute to the future. He said: "the Henan industry is still in the lower level, Henan chemical industry to take off, we zhengdaren responsibility, this is our chemistry a historical responsibility." Zhang Haoyang’s idea, get the same class other students agree. Is this school, has walked out of the Wu Yangjie, Ding Kuiling, Liu Zhongmin, Xi Zhenfeng, Li Zhaojun five academicians, none of them in the scientific research achievements, and is rooted in the motherland. "The most elite class should inherit the spirit of hardworking people in chemistry!" In this regard, Feng Hui evaluation said. (clues: Wu Yifan) source: Dahe newspaper editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: