Constellation sincere words Virgin put my parents dove bubble girl (Figure)

The truth: let me sign virgin girls parents Dove (Figure) and the family had agreed to meet with the Virgo man, he said not, who knows he and another girl went to the cinema, I caught a current…… Sina constellation netizen qiuqiu8301@sina love to say to Sina constellation virgin put my parents dove bubble girl I’m Aquarius, he is a virgo. And I began to virgin male is chaotic, did not seriously, then have a boyfriend in Shanghai, because it was said to get married, but he is always looking for excuses not to visit my family, so I basically half a year in a state of collapse, totally do not know what they are doing. Later met virgin male I told virgin male at the time, but I have a boyfriend to break up, but did not consider the long term together with him, he has a girlfriend. We separated, I don’t want to entwine, then the virgin male is in agreement. I was really a man of no confidence, felt a good. And so the Virgo man is muddleheaded began, every time out is the Virgo man to pay, then I pay the bill, I’m not really used to spend the money men, so do not know if this is not the reason why I like the Virgo man. Then I see a Virgo man when her ex boyfriend calls, the Virgo man asked me not to forgive him, and let me make my own decision, I am at a loss at the time, I do not think the Virgo man a friend’s suggestion, also don’t know what it is, but a Virgo man really warm embrace. Later on the phone and his boyfriend had a quarrel, because he suspected that I was living together with the virgin man, so I think to this point there is nothing to say, and the boyfriend broke up. The Virgo man was next to me, is a virgin male send me home that night, the Virgo man kissed me, had to admit that the Virgo man from the beginning to kiss me, I just couldn’t refuse his kiss, was really confused. But at that time I was in the heart of the virgin man or that, I feel that the virgin men will not belong to me, but belong to others. Do not know why they think so, in fact, have their own ideas. The Virgo man never lose my temper, and I can not say a harsh word, well I feel very real, thinking I was not really into his heart. A day later, the virgin male confession to me, let me do his girlfriend, in the school chair above, kissed me again, I said, "a flower is not, who want to be your girlfriend!" Then the virgin man sent a bunch of flowers to me, we are also a formal male and female friends. The Virgo man came to pick me up to go to the movies, eat, walk every day, the GOODBYE KISS, but I feel that I and a Virgo man distance is farther and farther, had two things, one is the Virgo man drunk, took my friend said he must be good to me, the struggle is for me, but that I started to associate with him, and then took my clothes and let me don’t leave him. Because I had better, don’t believe in wine there is truth lies, I believe the heart is not drunk drunk. The other is my brother and sister.相关的主题文章: