Could The Datamax-oneil H-8308x Be The Heavy Duty Label Printer For

Hardware If there is one thing among many things that you can trust us for here at Thermal Printer Services LTD, it is the most up-to-date technology in the printing field, while another is the most .petitive pricing for such technology. Evidence of both .es in the form of the Datamax-O’Neil H-8308X Heavy Duty Industrial Label Printer, even if it is just one of the many top quality and well-priced products that we stock. What do you need to know about the Datamax H-8308X? The Datamax H-8308X is made for heavy usage. Its key quality is reliability, its gear-driven design being more powerful and much more dependable than belt-driven models. The printer also includes a full roll internal rewinder and an extended front display. Measuring some 8.52 inches wide, this acclaimed label printer boasts a maximum print width of 8.52 inches (216.4mm), along with a 300dpi print resolution and speedy maximum print speed of 8ips. This H-Class Datamax printer also gives you a host of connectivity options, as well as the opportunity to install extras to tailor the device to your exact needs, the latter made possible by its modular design. This model also hosts the largest LCD display in its class, as well as an easy to use user interface. UHF and HF RFID configurations are also supported for future or current requirements, which is sure to be wel.ed by those requiring the most genuinely future-proof device. Don’t underestimate our wider range If you arent convinced that the Datamax H-8308X is the label printer for you, you have at least .e to the right place for the .plete range of other Industrial Label Printers and accessories. Here at Thermal Printer Services, we stock all things to do with thermal printers, from desktop label printers and barcode label printers to Industrial Label Printers system. We offer printers from a range of manufacturers such as Toshiba TEC, Zebra, and Kroy, as well as replacement parts and accessories, including printheads, ribbons, and printer labels. Printer repair services are also available from us if need be. As a business, we have some nine years’ experience to their name. We aim to stock the highest quality products for the lowest cost, and have recently started our own range of thermal printer labels and printer ribbons. Made to the same specifications as manufacturer re.mended products, these TPS-branded items are .petitively priced, thanks in part to their being produced in-house. Whatever your thermal printing needs, Thermal Printer Services should be your first port of call! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: