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Dizziness headache, steamed egg – Food Channel — people.com.cn original title: dizziness, headache, Gastrodia Gastrodia powder steamed egg Liaoning reader Mr. Wang Consulting: my daily temper is relatively large, easily irritable, angry, recently always feel headache and dizziness, yaoxisuanruan. His wife heard about a prescription, called Gastrodia powder steamed egg flower, it can alleviate the symptoms. Specifically: Gastrodia elata powder, take 1 egg, broken, steamed to half cooked, add Gastrodia powder 5~10 grams, continue to stir, add a little salt to take steamed. Is this expert feasible? Wuhan Central Hospital Department of traditional Chinese Medicine Director Quan Yi red commented: the cause of headache complicated by liver Yang, Qi and blood deficiency, kidney deficiency and phlegm. Ganping sexual flavour of Gastrodia elata, the main drug into the liver, smooth, moist but not dry, flat and effect, longer than pingganxifeng, where internal stirring and dizziness symptoms, regardless of the actual, all to medicine. For Gastrodia elata caused by hyperactivity dizzy has good effect, the main clinical manifestations include vertigo, tinnitus, pain, red eyes, irritability, insomnia, weak waist, top-heavy, red tongue Shaojin etc.. Egg with nourishing Yin, nourishing the role of Xifeng, and gastrodin compatibility, can reduce the temperature and dryness of the Tianma bias, but also enhance the analgesic effect of xifeng. According to the analysis of modern medicine, the active ingredient of Gastrodia elata is mainly gastrodin and vanilla. Volatile oil is the most prominent feature of high temperature volatile. Therefore, long steaming or long stew will make Gastrodia elata lose effective ingredients, thus reducing the efficacy. Therefore, the use of this key is to avoid too much heat Gastrodia elata. To add egg semi Gastrodia powder so as to ensure that the effective components of Rhizoma Gastrodiae not to loss, give full play to the role of. * (: Sheng, commissioning editor Quan Juan)相关的主题文章: