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Business Are there tasks in your daily work that you love to do, like to do or simply dread doing? Many jobs include tasks you enjoy and some that you may not like or put off until later. Unfortunately, there are many times when later never arrives. Don’t worry; you are not alone. The sad truth is that most people are not successful in business. One of the main reasons is that they stay far away from the dreaded tasks. These tasks don’t go away; they just pile up higher and higher!! All people have talents in specific areas and tasks they prefer to do over the dreaded tasks. The problem is that a business needs all aspects of expertise and no one job is really more important than another. Is having the office organized as important as making a sale? Ultimately it is, as it all comes out in the wash. Each task supports the sale and the functionality of the business; each is profoundly important. So how can we learn to do the tasks we keep putting off? An NLP principle is to model successful people. For example: if someone has or does something that you want to have or do, look at them and copy their attitude, behaviors, actions and thoughts. Do successful people have dreaded tasks or are they so lucky that they enjoy every single aspect of their business? Of course they have dreaded tasks. Successful people simply do things they don’t want to because the task is important. This week, take a look around and notice people you feel are successful. Ask them what tasks they do in their jobs that they don’t like. Most likely they will tell you their least favorite task and then tell you that they do it anyway because they know it needs to be done. So, the jobs you don’t want to do, that are truly important… Just do them. Believe in the importance of the task and just do it. Break the task into achievable sizes and start at the beginning. Delegate it if you have to and spend your time being productive. Get the unlikable tasks done today. Doing all tasks consistently will increase your revenue dramatically and lower your costs because you are efficient and consistent. About the Author: Darlene Braden is the author of – What Stops You? Overcome Self-Sabotage Personal and Professional. Do you want to achieve your dreams, goals and visions? Darlene’s F*R*E*E eBook – Create the Life You Want – shows you how. Article Published On: – Business 相关的主题文章: