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Don’t fasten the safety belt brake is not more than 11 years old driver did not do a good job in high speed on the death warning measures before the car after the accident, the car driver in high speed running without a seat belt. More than 11 points the day before yesterday, with two accident deaths caused by the accident G1501 Ningbo beltway Ningbo West toll station near the car driver died due to his injuries. The 11:16, a van carrying iron scrap along G1501 Ningbo beltway, suddenly left front tire out, vehicles parked in the middle of the first lane and second lane." High speed traffic police said, the driver Zhang and passengers get out of view, came to the emergency lane outside the alarm and wait for rescue. At that time, Zhang master did not comply with the provisions of warning measures. Ten minutes after Zhang’s car had a flat tire, a white car quickly passed the road, and the car hit the truck parked in the driveway. Zhang master quickly came forward to see, the car driver Qiu card stuck in the cab, unable to move, seriously injured. After receiving Master Zhang alarm, ambulance and high-speed traffic police rushed to the scene the first time, the wounded were sent to hospital. "Unfortunately, the car driver Qiu Yi because of injury, rescue invalid died." High speed traffic police in the investigation found that Qiu in the driving process actually did not fasten seatbelt. "Through the field investigation and video surveillance, we also found that the enemy did not take any braking measures before the accident." Police found in the investigation, Qiu is a 11 year old driver of driving experience. But he didn’t wear his seat belt at high speed. When the accident occurred, what was Qiu doing? Why did he hit it directly? At present, the accident is still under further treatment. High speed traffic police once again reminded that safety is no small matter, driving a seatbelt is the top priority. Focus must be at a high speed in the driving process, do not rely on good driving skills and ignore the safety. "At the same time to remind the driver, if the vehicle tire broke down, or accident happened on the highway traffic, must be timely alarm and make corresponding measures so as to avoid warning, alarm and rescue is not timely resulting in more serious consequences."

不系安全带不刹车 11年驾龄老司机在高速上殒命前车发生事故后没有做好示警措施,后车驾驶员在高速行驶过程中没有系安全带。前天11点多,G1501宁波绕城高速宁波西收费站附近发生一起二次事故致人死亡的事故,后车驾驶员因伤势过重,抢救无效死亡。“前天11:16,一辆载满铁废料的轻型货车行驶在G1501宁波绕城高速,忽然左侧前轮发生爆胎,车辆停在第一车道和第二车道中间。”高速交警说,驾驶员张师傅和乘客下车查看情况后,就来到应急车道外报警并等待救援。当时,张师傅没有按规定做好示警措施。就在张师傅车子爆胎十几分钟后,一辆白色轿车快速经过该路段,车辆直直撞上了停在车道内的货车。张师傅连忙上前查看,轿车司机仇某卡在驾驶室里无法动弹,伤势严重。接到张师傅报警后,救护车和高速交警第一时间赶到现场,将伤员送往医院。“很可惜,轿车司机仇某因伤势过重,抢救无效死亡了。”高速交警在调查中发现,仇某在驾驶过程中居然没有系安全带。“通过现场勘查及调取视频监控,我们还发现仇某在事故发生之前没有采取任何制动措施。”在进一步调查中交警发现,仇某是一位有11年驾龄的老司机。可是,在高速行驶过程中,他并没有系安全带。发生事故时仇某正在干什么,为什么直接撞上去?目前,该事故还在进一步处理之中。高速交警再次提醒,安全无小事,开车系好安全带是重中之重。在高速行车过程中一定要集中注意力,切勿自恃车技好而忽略安全。“同时要提醒广大驾驶员,如果在高速公路行车时发生车辆爆胎、抛锚或者事故,一定要及时报警并做好相应示警措施,以免因报警或施救不及时造成更严重的后果。”相关的主题文章: