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Electrical equipment of new energy industry: electricity reform bonus release of intensive attention core prices of GF Securities issued in September 7th new energy electrical equipment industry research report, the report is as follows: the power to change the document intensive introduction, attention distribution release and demand side management recently, the electric power system reform document intensive introduction, including the introduction of local electricity reform documents the distribution, incremental pilot reporting, at the same time on the sale of electricity company entry and exit management, distribution business is expected to release will also be introduced. For the electricity reform can be optimistic: Jiangsu and Beijing and other provinces and cities continue to promote the local electricity reform. Policy is opening up market space and stimulating market vitality. Incremental distribution, especially the development of the pilot project is the power to change the important way to release the bonus to the society, and PPP as one of the focus of fiscal policy, there is a strong role in promoting the development of the traditional infrastructure, the third batch of PPP demonstration projects may include agricultural distribution network demonstration project, the increment and distribution business the pilot project report echoes. To promote industrial DSM work to accelerate, the Ministry issued "on the issuance of industrial DSM special action plan (2016-2020) Notice", through five years of time, the organization of national thousand industrial enterprises to participate in the special action, 1000 enterprises implement the guidelines for the power demand side management, build demonstration enterprise 100 power demand side management, and further optimize the allocation of power resources, enhance the efficiency of industrial energy consumption, by 2020, achieve the actions of the added value of industrial enterprises average power consumption decreased by more than 10%. Key recommendation of Beijing CREE, vertical technology, integrated electronics, allied electronics, Fuling electric power, focus on realistic, Siyuan Electric shares (the new board). New energy vehicles pay attention to the price of electric core, new energy vehicles belong to the government policy to support the emerging industries, is expected in September to October subsidy new deal and the corresponding model subsidies directory, the industry is still expected to enter the boom season after the introduction of the policy. The electric core link began to pick up after the market off-season, market demand for PACK in August compared with an increase of nearly 3, the current domestic 2000mAh cylindrical products 5.1 yuan (Chun Sanyuan), a Samsung 26F price stability imported in 10-10.5 yuan, the price of batteries is expected to usher in a rally at the same time, manufacturers shipments also improved significantly, the market is expected to price volume L. According to estimates, the demand for electric core nearly 25GWh this year, of which three yuan demand will exceed 10GWh, we continue to top three yuan optimistic industrial chain. Recommended three Yuan electric core Australia Shunchang, China Xuan tech energy and wisdom, and a bottom-up recommendation Fulin transportation group, in addition to recommend EASPRING and Cangzhou pearl. Multiple favorable factors superimposed, grasp the small inflection point of wind power industry, we combine the unit bidding, price adjustment expectations and abandoned wind power three dimensions to monitor the growth cycle of wind power industry, looking for the wind power sector expected difference. In the first half of this year, the number of new wind power increased by more than 14GW. In 2018, the installed capacity of the project increased steadily year by year in 2017. Since the two quarter, the problem of wind power rationing has been improved. One season.

电气设备新能源行业:电改红利密集释放 关注电芯价格上涨 广发证券9月7日发布电气设备新能源行业研究报告,报告摘要如下:  电改文件密集出台,关注配网放开与需求侧管理近日,电力体制改革的文件密集出台,其中包括地方电改文件的不断出台、增量配网试点的申报等,同时关于售电公司准入和退出管理办法、配电业务的放开等预期也将出台。对于电改可以乐观一点:江苏和北京等省市地方电改不断向前推进。政策在不断打开市场空间和激发市场活力。增量配网,尤其是试点的开展是是通过电改向社会释放红利的重要方式,而PPP 作为财政政策的重点之一,对传统基础设施发展有着很强的促进作用,第三批PPP 示范项目中有可能包括农配网示范项目,这也和增量配电业务试点项目的申报相呼应。为加快推进工业领域电力需求侧管理工作,工信部发布《关于印发工业领域电力需求侧管理专项行动计划(2016-2020年)的通知》,通过五年的时间,组织全国万家工业企业参与专项行动,千家企业贯彻实施电力需求侧管理工作指南,打造百家电力需求侧管理示范企业,进一步优化电力资源配置,提升工业能源消费效率,到2020 年,实现参与行动的工业企业单位增加值电耗平均水平下降10%以上。重点推荐北京科锐、合纵科技、积成电子、新联电子、涪陵电力,重点关注思源电气、求实股份(新三板)。新能源汽车关注电芯价格上涨新能源车属于政府政策大力扶持的新兴行业,预计在9 月到10 月补贴新政和相应的车型补贴目录出台后,行业仍有望在政策出台后进入景气旺季。电芯环节经过市场淡季后开始回暖,PACK 市场需求较8 月份增长近3成,目前国产2000mAh 圆柱产品5.1 元 颗(纯三元),进口三星26F 价格稳定在10-10.5 元 颗,电芯价格有望迎来上涨行情,同时厂商出货量也明显提升,市场预计将价量齐升。据测算今年电芯需求量将近25GWh,其中三元需求量将超过10GWh,我们继续自上而下看好三元产业链。重点推荐三元电芯的澳洋顺昌、国轩高科和智慧能源,自下而上推荐富临运业、创力集团,此外继续推荐当升科技和沧州明珠。多重利好因素叠加,把握风电行业小拐点我们结合机组招标、调价预期和弃风限电三个维度监测风电行业成长周期,寻找风电板块预期差。上半年新增风电招标量超过14GW,在2018年价格下调的情况下,预计2017 年的装机量同比稳定增长。进入二季度以来,弃风限电问题有所改善。一季度弃风率平均26%,上半年下降到21%,能源局和地方政府的一系列保消纳政策以及相关措施起到明显推动作用。在利率下行背景下,利率的降低将利好风电场开发等重资产行业,同时电力市场化趋势下边际成本几乎为零的风力发电可以通过参与竞争性供电和直供电提升利用小时数,改善经营业绩。我们重点推荐风电机组龙头金风科技,塔架制造商泰胜风能和天顺风能,区域运营商福能股份。风险提示:政策不达预期,新能源汽车销量不达预期。相关的主题文章: