Electronic Cigarettes – Choice, Flavor, Pleasure And No Tobacco Or Tar-actv

Personal-Tech The day of the smokeless cigarette has dawned. Smokers are no longer in the grip of the tobacco .panies. Now smokers can enjoy smoking without being worried about tobacco. How is this possible? They can choose to get their smoking pleasure by using electronic cigarettes, a smoking alternative invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003. E cigs are actually smokeless cigarettes which provide the relaxed feeling smokers love without the use of tobacco, smoke or fire. Electronic cigarettes have three parts. There is a mouthpiece connected to a refillable cartridge of e-juice, a heating element and a rechargeable battery. The parts are contained in a small tube that varies in size and shape somewhere between a standard cigarette and a ball point pen. Electronic cigarettes are really simple to use. When the smoker pulls on the electric cigarette, the heating element turns the e-juice into steam. The steam disappears when the smoker exhales. Some electronic cigarettes have a Light Emitting Diode (LED) at the tip which glows to give the impression the e-cig is lit. In reality there is no fire, no smoke and no tobacco, just wonderfully flavored steam and a relaxed feeling. The e-juice is the secret to the success of electronic cigarettes. E-juice .bines water, flavoring and propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin (chemicals .monly added to food), to make a wonderfully flavored vapor. You can get e-juice with or without nicotine. You can choose from e-liquid which is be made with high, medium, low doses of nicotine added. Some smokers say being able to control the nicotine content has helped them to .bat their nicotine addiction. Other smokers just like the fact they can choose from a large number of different flavors. Popular ones include fruit flavors, vanilla, chocolate, cola, caramel and coffee. Many say electronic cigarettes are cheaper than tobacco. They point out that when people buy starter kits they .e with everything they need including a charger for the battery. When the e-juice cartridge runs out they can buy refill cartridges in any flavor they like for a lot less than buying cigarettes. You don’t get a lot of things when you switch to smokeless cigarettes. There is no second-hand smoke, no tobacco smell on your clothes and furnishings, no yellowing of the fingers and teeth and no need to go outdoors to smoke. Want to relax? Puff on a flavorful, tobacco free electric cigarette. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: