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Eleven double chop hand? Oh, no amputation by dual eleven just to go forward with great strength and vigour. Not to double eleven, do not know their own poverty. Than eleven of the two can not bear to look at their own wallet is more sad, there is a black behind the double five, eleven…… The eleven most important thing is, of course, the second half of next year or even next year (if you can), skin care products and cosmetics are good in advance! Xiao Bian think in this eleven double celebration, chop hand must cut efficiency, take this opportunity to tun is absolutely the most affordable choice. First of all, eleven sets of packages are generally classic products, for students who are not afraid to try new products, the purchase of classic products is a great opportunity to understand the brand. Secondly, the general package will be presented in a variety of sample products, pieced together can also make up at least a month’s volume, is a very cost-effective product. [keyword]: I would like to try to say HR Helena’s new green bottle LOHAS luxury travel gift set, which includes the green bottle of essence 10ml, storage of new muscle water 30ml, New Light Night Cream 15ml, ultra membrane extract 10ml, and enjoy the green bottle sale emergency eye cream 3ml*2 and very pure cleansing foam 20ml. The green bottle of this product line in Helena HR which is the classic series, this is a discount off the price is 1844 yuan, eleven 720 yuan can win, is a more cost-effective entry of small package, suitable for the brand is not very understanding of the girls also want to try to do it. Know a little about the beauty of the people know the name CPB, this brand is also a perennial stands in purchasing list first, if you don’t know about this brand, while pulling the double eleven, CPB has launched a CPB key to skin light luxury nursing experience suits, divided into moisture and cool type. The biggest difference between the two is the difference between emulsion and cream, although the price of 950 yuan or so is prohibitive, but if it will give you purchase $60 worth of CPB key to skin photocoagulation before makeup cream sample 3mL, 87 yuan CPB key to skin lip cream milk sample 2mL, CPB skin the crystal key value 264 Yuan caused by eye sample 1mL, as a comparison, there is a CPB classic breath feeling experience! And now you want to! Clinique crayon Deron is super classic cosmetic products and brands have been taking advantage of the double eleven made a suit, and collect the global hot color Mini five cigarettes per day, limited edition of 100 sets, 7 in the evening rush to open, to tell the truth, small really can help you here…… If you have never experienced the pain of pleasure to buy 1 to send 11, never mind, Shiseido Weipo Yue Fei Yan Plastic Brightening Cream to give you this opportunity, double eleven cannot buy buy buy for yourself? So it is better to take advantage of this opportunity to offer a filial piety, if you think you are suitable for this has anti-aging effect of cream, cream does not matter, send Mommy, keep the sample! Eat melon people: you are in the bad little friends! If you can experience a pre 11 kinds of Shiseido products, and almost covers all major product lines, you can always find a suitable for Shiseido products.相关的主题文章: