Falling boy denied the families of 11 pennants for medical rescue-cagliari exchange

"Falling boy" medical family denied 11 pennants thanks rescuers fall well to the families of the boy blue rescue team Lixian County group presented a banner to thank. Blue sky rescue team for the Beijing News on the evening of November 10th, Hebei, Lixian County, 6 year old boy was rescued from the well was rescued wells, and then announced its official death. After the end of a sensational rescue, but did not stop the storm of public opinion. The beginning of 11, there were families of network news Congcong "doctor", and even the families of high claims news broke. 13 am, Zhao Xiangyang (father of Cong Cong) on behalf of the Chinese made a statement to the Beijing News, saying that only thanks to the grief, and never thought of compensation". Yesterday, rumors for the network "family support help truck drivers chase", the Cong Cong family were denied. Just pushing said Lixian County’s official statement quoted the driver, not beating. At the same time, Zhao Xiangyang also took his family with 11 pennants, thanks to the local government departments, hospitals and charity volunteer team. Family members said the rescue nursing car driver was beaten rumors of the afternoon of November 11th, an article entitled "change medical" from the victim’s article will matter to a climax. The article said that the unfortunate death of falling boy was found after Cong’s father Zhao Xiangyang insisted that the child was still breathing, so pull to the hospital, and also on the ambulance drivers were beaten. The well-known blogger "medicine Lilac Garden" also released micro-blog said, "after the doctor announced the death of a child, the father of the ambulance took the bodies of the crematorium to dissent, said children still breathing, to pull to the hospital, the child’s father took the family hospital row, beat 120 driver driver, slander the delay time to save the child." Around 7 p.m. on November 11th, Tang Yahui, head of the Lixian County hospital, said, "the father of the child was beaten by an ambulance driver for the two time in 120 years." Tang Yahui told reporters that the ambulance with the police car arrived Zhang Cun crematorium, in the ambulance, Zhao Xiangyang for the first time, beating the driver. The driver and him across a small window, he put his fist through the window and hit the driver’s head." Stay in the crematorium after about a minute, an ambulance to the hospital of Lixian County. Tang Yahui said that when the ambulance stopped in front of the hospital emergency door, the driver got off the car, ready to open the door when the door was again hit by Zhao Xiangyang and his family. When the incident, it was recorded live video. In the video, a man shouted, "this is the driver, hit him." With the shouts of two or three individuals from the ambulance rushed to the front of the car at the end, suspected of a conflict with another person. "No, no," said the crowd. Yesterday, Zhao Xiangyang’s sister Zhao Juan said, hit the driver itself is the rumor, there are too many social forces for the child to help rescue, families do not want to ignore the rumours, just as soon as possible to find good people all thanked. The official said the driver involved saying only pushing yesterday afternoon, 120 drivers for network transmission "beaten", Lixian County County Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Xu Jingdong said, according to the Publicity Department of the hospital to know that the Cong Cong family today (14 days) to the hospital to send a banner, the net is also hit the driver Cui Keqian the scene, Cui Keqian said at the time just pushing,.相关的主题文章: