Founded 20 years of robotic company, the first time to do 2C on the release of the four robots – Soh

Founded 20 years of robotic company, for the first time to do 2C on the release of the four robots – Sohu technology to this conference before, there are colleagues asked: "education robot? Is that the ‘flat shell’?" I looked at my invitation, was also a little drum: "to a total of four robots, should not is" flat "?" Whampoa  military academy? The afternoon of September 8th, when all the people are immersed in a heated discussion on the apple conference in the future partner robot’s brand "storm" to engage in a press conference in Shanghai, the meeting place in Shanghai Oriental Art center. Just arrived at the scene when the atmosphere, some people surprised, after all the domestic robot manufacturers conference conference to engage in thousands of people really not too much. At that time, Lei Feng network (search for "Lei Feng" number of public concern) after a photo sent to my circle of friends, someone made a evaluation of future partner robot: future partner robot robot industry known as the Whampoa  military academy. After the new advertising law prohibits "first" to describe the various manufacturers have tried various ways of expression of euphemism, so Lei Feng on the evaluation of this kind of have some immunity, but in addition to the evaluation of immune, let us have some expectations for their products. At least not flat, right? The first time to engage in a full set of future partner robot deputy general introduction to Lei Feng plateau network: our company has been established for 20 years, is the industry done one of the earliest enterprises, before education has been in the 2B market, to provide educational robot directly to schools and other institutions, such as the Beijing fourth the school is used by our robot. We have dabbled in EOD robot industrial robots, military grade. Although earlier robots mostly to those institutions customized, but the technology is accumulated, so this reduces some of the cost, start the 2C market, the robots are also the first to enter the market. It was the first time 2C, they had no choice but to "get a try", but the breath made a series of four different types of robot education: building robots, mobile robots, flying robot and humanoid robot, the series looks also have some of their highlights. Four kinds of robot robotics in educational robot, building the flexibility of the robot is highest, most likely to enhance children’s self ability, currently on the market there are corresponding manufacturers in doing this one. Although not the first to do the building blocks of robot manufacturers, but the ability to storm the building blocks of the robot from the point of view of the parameters in advance. According to the official introduction, in addition to the above functions, the building blocks of the robot is more focused on upgrading the robot controller, sensors and actuators. Our computing power is 26.6 times the number of intelligent building blocks on the market, the robot L. This seemingly accurate numbers can not be found on the fly temporarily, but can really see their confidence. In addition to the controller, they returned to the robot.相关的主题文章: