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Business Food safety is a hot topic in todays society. Whether its considering the sanitary conditions of our home kitchens or the factories in which many of our foods are processed and packaged, its important to understand the methods behind keeping food areas as clean as possible. Dry ice cleaning is a method that is increasing in popularity and many believe that it might be one of the best techniques available. For example, many of the foods we consume today have CO2 in them to begin with, which means that using dry ice to clean food packaging areas in large plants and spraying off conveyer belts is the safest possible method of cleansing. Dry ice blasting leaves behind virtually no toxic residue, which makes it an extremely sanitary method of cleaning. The other benefit for using dry ice is that it can be used to preserve foods and prevent the growth of bacteria on food-related machinery. Moreover, because of its ability to inhibit bacterial growth, cleaning with dry ice is an effective method of preventing mold growth in, on, and around areas that process or house food items. Dry ice blasting is cost effective, which means the benefit for individuals and .panies is twofold: the deep cleansing that is garnered from the use of dry ice is ac.panied by the fact that dry ice blasting is among the least expensive industrial cleaning methods available. There is less of a need for multiple cleansing agents, cleanup costs are minimal since dry ice blasting leaves behind no toxic residue, and dry ice blasting can get the job done without any ac.panying products and usually in one application. This is in sharp contrast to other methods of cleaning food-related areas, many of which require multiple cleaning applications. Dry ice can be used to clean food related areas because it is environmentally friendly and contains none of the harmful contaminants found in other cleaning products. There are no residues left behind and no contaminants that have harmful, adverse effects on food items. This alternative to pressure washing also saves on time, allowing food related machinery to be cleaned without the need to disassemble anything; most items can be cleaned in place. When your industry demands fast, inexpensive and effective cleaning, dry ice blasting is the best option available. Dry ice blasting is a viable option for nearly every industry, especially those that require impeccable sanitation standards such as food packaging and pharmaceutical industries. About the Author Ray Beauvais is the owner of Midwest Dry Ice Blasting, a dry ice pressure washing .pany that provides .mercial cleaning services to Minnesota and the surrounding area. Dry ice blasting is highly effective, affordable and safe for equipment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: