Get The Desired Hour-glass Shape This Season With A Peplum-yo te amo

Fashion-Style Spring / Summer fashion this year is bold and feminine. Colours will be mainly bright citrus shades or pale pastels and prints will be loud and daring! Evening dresses and smart suits will have feminine cuts and the peplum will be a prominent feature in order to create that hourglass shape that every woman desires. A peplum is a ruffle of fabric usually placed around the waist on a dress, jacket or shirt, although it can also feature at the hem of a pencil skirt or evening dress. The peplum has featured throughout fashion history as far back as Elizabethan times. It was also a popular cut in the 1930s and 1980s so when choosing clothes that feature a peplum for Spring / Summer 2012 you will need to be careful that your outfit does not look dated. The peplum works well for athletic shapes as well as curvy figures. On a slim body the peplum creates the illusion of curves and where there are unwanted lumps and bumps the peplum skims the bum and tummy focusing attention on the waist, which is usually the slimmest part of a womans body. If you are petite the peplum can also make you appear taller because it lengthens the legs as it draws the eye to your waistline. Generally it is a flattering look that most women will find works for their body shape. To keep your look fresh and modern, try to avoid floral prints with a peplum. Instead stick to a plain colour and go for a peplum that is more flared than ruffled. Peplums on sale this year should be structured or padded rather than frilly and can be used to create a really striking silhouette. A shorter peplum will reduce the risk of an outdated look and works best when matched with a short skirt or pencil skirt rather than a full-length skirt. A peplum shirt or jacket will also look great with a pair of slim-fit jeans or trousers for a smart daytime outfit. If your body shape is more pear-shaped then it is likely that this is not a trend that will appeal to you, however, the peplum will work wonders for most womens body shapes. It is likely to be a popular style this Spring / Summer and you will already see a range of clothes that feature this design on the high street. Next time you are out shopping try on a few different styles to see what works for you. This look can be incorporated in to smart evening or office wear and casual day wear so it is likely you will find something that fits your style. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: