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Travel-and-Leisure If you are a true travel addict, then Greenland must be a destination of lifetime for you. You may try out either the short trips or the longer tour packages for exploring the icy terrains of Greenland. The shorter visit to the eastern parts of Greenland will provide you definite feels about the culture and people of the land. The modern frame houses and the traces of hunting societies make these tiny tours even more eventful. Approaching the Kulusuk islands by air is a real feast. The views of icebergs brushing the rocky coasts is a must watch for all curious tourists. For experiencing the best journey, hire Touris as your Iceland tour operator , they will arrange you a cozy and .fortable journey from Iceland to Greenland via Reykjavik. Taking out these few hours from the Iceland vacations will add up a lot to your travel experiences from this part of the world. Walk down the lanes of the Kulusuk village, the g.eous atmosphere will surely make your day. Try the handmade ornaments created by the village maidens, those are really priceless. This village has only 360 residents, getting to know them is an experience by itself. And if the weather allows you, you can also witness a native ceremony of primitive drum-dance. These incidents will not only make your tour moving, but also make you a more flourished person. People, who are already in between their tours in Iceland , can also go for the longer excursions to Greenland. There are numerous packages offered based on the number of nights they want to spend in Greenland. The entire area of the Kulusuk Island has some real ecstasies in store for the nature lovers. If you are interested in discovering the core essence of the region, then the longer expeditions are more appropriate for you. Touris will help you to get closer to panoramic atmosphere amidst the ice filled oceans of Greenland. Other than the divine natural pleasures, you will also enjoy the artificial facilities like 24 hours service of telephone, and television in your hotel room. Touris will also take care in making the tours interesting for the adventurous breeds. If you are daring enough, then attempt the hikes, sleigh riding across the mountains and glaciers of Greenland. Touris has arranged packages involving all the basic needs of tourists. They are by far the preeminent service provider in this industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: