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Hacker empire founder: "ghost in the shell" Movie Trailer bright blind your eyes – Science and technology Sohu yesterday, "ghost in the shell" movie trailer exposure, this time is two minutes long trailer full of cyberpunk elements. Scarlett Johnson, from · to a variety of small, to the environment, to the color, all point to this extreme science fiction style. However, the audience watching the original animation will feel a significant difference. Let us first see it: began serialization on 1989 in Lang Zhengzong, the protagonist in the comic, is a major element of grass? The name of police body. As a result of a serious accident, she became a "whole body" and gained a strong ability to become a captain of the 9 class police. In the future science fiction world, human consciousness can be transferred to different bodies through data, and artificial intelligence is everywhere. The 9 lesson of public security is to set up the criminal. But in the upcoming film, Scarlett · the role of Johnson is an unknown person controlled by the righteous man. At first, the plot suggested that her mechanical body had saved her life, but then someone told her that her life was actually taken away by someone. It’s hard to say that she doesn’t have any memories of being human. And it’s not the only change in the film. In the whole of the trailer, Johnson’s role has been called "the major". Even she herself calls herself. Although this can be explained, but the "amnesia" in the original Japanese name must be avoided by removing white play Asian embarrassment. In this regard, the director Saunders choose to stick with their decision. He told a press conference in Tokyo: "for me, I was a person who chose to rely on instinct. I was lucky to be able to choose the best actors I’ve always wanted to work with all over the world". Referring to Johnson, he said: "I firmly believe that their choice, she is the best actress of her generation. I’m glad she chose to join the film. I think some of the people who worked in the original anime support her very much because she is very unique". Of course, the film version of the "ghost in the shell" is not completely westernized. The story took place in Japan, and Aars Beck (Pilou · pirou; Asbæ K), Takeshi, Huang Jinghan, and Fukushima Lira also starred in the movie. Attack shell mobile team will be released in North America in March 2017. Editor: Chen Xiangyu: line editing, visual design, intern recruitment (compilation) location: Beijing contact: hr@mittrchina MIT Technology Review China only copyright partner, any institution or individual without permission, shall not be reproduced without authorization and translation. This is the circle of friends to share相关的主题文章: