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Business The sympathetic choice of appropriate Roman blinds creates a warm and wel.ing ambience in any living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Colourful pleated Roman blinds will add an attractive look to the window and will .plement whatever furniture is in the room. The same applies to Roman blinds installed in kitchens where they very often act as an attractive distraction from the walled kitchen units. Oak kitchen panels are very rich looking but can appear a little boring without some contrasting colour and form. Roman blinds perform this task admirably as they break up the overpowering continuity of kitchen cupboards and doors with an appropriate interjection. Their colourful stripes and pleats act as a contrast against the bulwark of consistent wood tones. Brightly coloured fabrics are an oasis of escape from the dark surroundings and bestow an air of elegance and beauty to a scene that is too often clinical and unwel.ing. Striped Roman blinds in pastel shades or in deep colours can be selected to enhance the ac.panying curtains depending on their colours and patterns. Roman blinds are perfect for any situation and for any size of window and the fact that they have a modern wind mechanism makes them all the more attractive as they are a much more reliable than the old style pull cord version. The pleated design of Roman blinds provides a classical appearance and fits in very well with any type of room dcor. It adds sophistication where necessary and can actually tone down overly fussy curtains or other overstated room dcor. Light wood kitchens are .plemented best by darker Roman blinds and very often patterned Roman blinds act as a trompe l’oeilamidst the overpowering banality of dark woods such as walnut, cherry and mahogany. In a non-furnished room where the dcor is neutral you can opt for striking Roman blinds that will make a fashion statement and add an exotic ambience to the room. They .e in many colours, plain or patterned and you can choose a fabric that provides the desired texture as well as colour to add glamour to the room. Seasonal colours can be chosen as is often the case, when the kitchen is installed. However you are looking for a Roman blind that will consistently well at any time of the year and the best criterion when ordering them is to ensure that they .plement the kitchen units. In most cases where Roman blind s are being fitted to the kitchen window there is no need or even room for curtains and in this situation the fabric can be as colourful and exotic as you wish since you are not matching it with another material. The same principle can apply to bedroom windows though many prefer curtains as well since they provide an appearance of cosiness and warmth. Roman blinds can make or break the overall appearance of the room dcor so it is vitally important that they match up with and .plement the interior surroundings and furniture. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: