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Hollins and the players and publicly criticized the class as the main rehuoshangshen – Sports Sohu   Lionel Hollins was fired in January this year, the nets, this result is not surprising. In addition to the team success is bad, and between him and the players on the team boss F Rojo Love was let down, and again pulled the trigger on the team reshuffle. The situation at the time, the record of only 10 wins and 27 losses, ranked second last home court is Eastern, were the 9 game losing streak, the Barclays arena attendance has been a serious blow. In contrast, the sum of the season nets player salary $90 million 630 thousand, ranked sixth in the league. F Rojo Love in an interview bluntly expressed his inner disappointment. "After careful consideration, I think the team should start, to find a new direction, we use the remainder of the time to choose a new general manager and coach, we will establish a winning culture. I promise to all people, I than ever before to lead the team to win!" F Rojo Love said. Objectively speaking, the nets record this season and can not be completely attributed to Hollins’s coaching ability, at the same time dismissed general manager Billy king even boss F Rojo Love, it seems should take more responsibility. It is because of the quick Russian billionaire, will let the team into the doomed eternally. But one thing is for sure, Hollins is not really a good coach, a good relationship with the players. Back in the mid season, the American media reported his position in an emergency, and pointed out that Hollins and the team several players relationship. "The players lack of energy and desire to win, a source tells us that Hollins and several players contradictions, this is one of the reasons for the team struggle. Hollins love in front of the media public criticism of the team’s players, for example, he accused Plumlee many shortcomings, but also publicly blasted the Lopez play too lazy, which makes the players very unhappy." ESPN was reporting at the time. Fortunately, the basket online season finally reach the playoffs, let Hollins escape. But his season in dealing with the relationship between players and not too big change, with the team’s performance fell into the icehouse, his dismissal is logical. The American media comment on Hollins — have lost control of the locker room, F Rojo Love in a month ago to make a decision (to replace Hollins). Hollins was fired after the news, the media did not get excited over a little thing of anonymity, a number of news sources so commented — in the nets, you cannot find people who love Hollins, even if it is a! For Hollins, this result is not surprisingly. But he does need to rethink the relationship between himself and the players are incompatible, EQ in the often more important than iq. (Qinghe Village) 霍林斯下课因与球员失和 公开批评主力惹火上身-搜狐体育     莱昂内尔-霍林斯今年1月份遭篮网解雇,这个结果并不让人感到意外。除了球队战绩糟糕外,他和球员之间的失和更让老板普罗霍洛夫对球队失望透顶,从而再次扣动了对球队重新洗牌的扳机。   当时的情况是,篮网的战绩仅为10胜27负,排名东区倒数第2,主场更是惨遭9连败,巴克莱球馆的上座率因此受到了严重打击。形成鲜明对比的是,篮网本赛季的球员薪资总和高达9063万美元,排全联盟第6位。   普罗霍洛夫接受采访时直言不讳的表达了自己内心的失望。“经过深思熟虑,我认为球队该重新开始了,得寻找新的方向,我们用本赛季剩余的时间去好好遴选新的总经理和主教练,我们将会建立起赢球文化。我向所有人保证,我比之前任何时候都渴望带领球队夺冠!”普罗霍洛夫说。   客观的说,篮网本赛季的战绩差并不能完全归咎于霍林斯的执教能力,同时遭解雇的总经理比利-金甚至是老板普罗霍洛夫,似乎应该承担更多的责任。正是因为俄罗斯富豪的急功近利,才会让球队陷入万劫不复的境地。   但有一点可以肯定,霍林斯确实不是一个擅长与球员搞好关系的主教练。早在上赛季中期,美国媒体就曾报道过他的帅位告急,并指出霍林斯与队里的几个主力球员关系不和。   “篮网的球员在球场上缺乏活力和取胜欲望,有消息源告诉我们,霍林斯和几名主力球员存在矛盾,这是球队陷入挣扎的原因之一。霍林斯喜欢在媒体面前公开批评队内的球员,比如他指责普拉姆利缺点很多,还公开炮轰洛佩兹打球太懒惰,这让球员们很不爽。”ESPN当时如是报道。   好在篮网上赛季最终杀入了季后赛,让霍林斯躲过一劫。但他本赛季在处理与球员的关系方面并没有太大改变,随着球队的成绩跌入冰窖,他遭解雇显得顺理成章。美国媒体的点评一针见血――霍林斯对更衣室已经失去了掌控,普罗霍洛夫在一个月前就做出了(换掉霍林斯的)决定。   霍林斯被解雇的消息传出后,美国媒体并没有大惊小怪,多个不愿意透露姓名的消息源这么点评道――在篮网,你无法找到喜欢霍林斯的人,哪怕是一个!   对于霍林斯来说,这个结果也算是意料之中。但他确实需要反思自己和球员们水火不容的关系,情商在很多时候往往比智商更重要。   (清河村)相关的主题文章: