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Business Horses for sale are growing in number, mainly due to the present problems in the economy. A lot of people are giving their animals away just to avoid paying their upkeep. Many shelters have to turn horses away. Expensive animals are selling for a small portion of the price they once .manded. A horse is a long-term investment. One should take great care in the selection process, and put a lot of thought into whether he or she can maintain an animal on a constant basis. Animals can easily be found in all price ranges and breeds, and in almost every geographic area. The buyer should be prepared to ask the seller numerous detailed questions before making a decision to purchase a particular horse. A potential buyer should decide specifically what he or she intends to use the horse for. This streamlines the purchase process, making it easier to select the right animal. Most horses cannot be utilized for all purposes, simply because they lack the training. Their body type may only be suited for specific uses. For example, a draft horse would not be effective at herding cattle. A thoroughbred racehorse fresh from the race track would not make a good child’s horse. There are a multitude of resources for finding a horse. Many websites exist that list horses for sale, across riding disciplines, by breed, and by geographic location. Most of these sites reach a worldwide pool of buyers and sellers. Most sites allow the seller to upload photos, which really helps the buyer narrow down the list of possible candidates for purchase. The potential buyer can usually sort prospects by price, breed or riding discipline. This is an excellent way to find horses quickly, do preliminary research on just what is available, as well as determine corresponding price ranges. More traditional search methods also exist. Auctions usually sell horses at bargain prices, and are held on a regular basis. Horses should be purchased at auction only by those with extensive horse knowledge. Breeders and trainers are also very good resources. Breeders usually sell the animals that they have bred and raised. Trainers may or may not be in the business of selling horses, but have a lot of connections to sellers in the horse world. Breed associations usually list horses for sale in the classified sections of their newsletters or magazines. Regardless of the method of locating a prospect, it is very important to ride or at least visit the horse multiple times. This provides a better understanding of the horse’s temperament and level of training. Get a second opinion. Bring a trusted friend, colleague or trainer to see the horse. If possible, have this individual ride the horse as well. Trainers usually charge a small .mission if a horse is purchased. The cost is well worth it to ensure that a suitable mount is identified. Veterinary examinations are usually re.mended. However the effectiveness of such an examination is somewhat controversial. Nevertheless, a .plete stress test should be conducted. This helps to identify lameness issues. Some people believe that x-rays should be included in the exam, to thoroughly screen for any lameness issues. On the other hand, x-rays in older horses will usually show some sort of bone abnormality that may or may not cause lameness in the future. A pre-purchase veterinary exam is re.mended. This should include a .plete stress test to rule out lameness. Some people like to have x-rays taken, but the efficacy of performing such a procedure is somewhat questionable. Certain individuals feel that x-rays are necessary to determine if there are any developing leg abnormalities. Others feel x-rays may falsely reveal issues that really are not problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: