How Charlie Built A Whopping Big List Of Customers. A Story Of Success-nlite

UnCategorized Charlie is a good example of the American Dream. He started an online business after working for a company for fifteen years. He knew that he would have to build up a list of customers who trust him and know he will give them good service and all the help they need. Since most of his knowledge and experience was with the particular product he now sells online in his own company, he is competing with the very company that laid him off. His sales figures are impressive and his future in the business looks good. How did he do it? Here are some of the steps he took to build a customer base that trusts him and returns regularly for more sales. First, Charlie went online and started a website. He did his homework and established a source of supply for the product he sells. He researched his product for any new information and found some reports that he didn’t know about. He knew that if he wanted to build up a customer base, he had to know his product well. He gathered his research and included it on his website. When he was ready, he started a newsletter that informed about the new ideas and changes to his product. He started an opt-in page on his website. This page lead to his blog. On his blog, he explained the new changes and improvements to his product. When people began to visit his website, they found a place where they could get the latest information on the product. He encouraged them to sign up for his newsletter which was updated twice a week. He included a subscriber box on every page of his site and used an auto responder program which he found at Google for free. Solid list building know-how. Now, as new visitors to his site see how clearly and well-presented his information is, they usually opt-in to his blog and immediately sign up for his newsletter. They know that he has the latest information on his product. He usually includes free reports and interviews with people who have purchased the product. One of his customers thought of an improvement to the product, and Charlie put that information on his newsletter also. Charlie was able to get some special promotional prices for his customers. Now, Charlie’s picture is proudly presented on his newsletter and he has a special thank you page on his site with a discount to all his repeat customers. Talk about a list builder! His customers trust that he will inform them of any new changes in the product or the price. Charlie’s reputation is golden. Charlie’s email campaign began to grow to the point where he had to hire a staff to take care of all the demands for his newsletter and his product. He goes out of his way to make sure that his information is useful and current. If there is a free item that he can include, Charlie makes certain his customers know about it. Now he worries more about servicing his customers than building his lists. That’s right, I said lists. Charlie has so many new customers and such a good reputation, he decided to branch out into other areas related to his product. If he follows the same formula that worked so well for him with his original product, I can predict with a reasonable amount of certainty, what will be the result of his new endeavor. He will build a monster list for those products also. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: