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Diabetes The how to of controlling diabetes is not the same for everyone but here are some .mon tips to keep blood sugar levels in control. Certain steps have to be undertaken to achieve healthy blood sugar or glucose levels. These include eating a healthy meal plan, engaging in healthy exercise and adopting a healthy life style, taking diabetes medications that lower blood sugar. Additionally it might be advisable for you to control your blood pressure and cholesterol levels – lipid profiles. Here are some additional tips to regulate blood sugar levels. The best diabetologist in Noida can be accessed online. Consistent eating habits. Do not skip meals as this will push your blood sugar higher. This could even cause hypoglycemia. Skipping meals may even lead to over eating and weight gain. If you take certain glucose lowering medications, it might even lead to low blood sugar which can prove disastrous. Include in your meal healthy sources of carbohydrates. Important fiber minerals and vitamins .e to you through healthy carbs. The cornerstone of success is to eat the right portions, spread the food out over the course of the day and consult with your health care provider to devise a healthy meal plan and an effective activity plan. Pasta should be cooked el dente and all servings measured out exactly. Overcooked foods be.e soft and give up their glucose more easily than others. They are likely to create a rise in blood glucose levels. It is also equally important to assign proper portions and count calories and carb grams. Diabetes bars and shakes as meal replacements. When on the go you can eat shakes and bars designed to lower and regulate blood sugar levels. You can pack them in your hand bag or suitcase and you dont have to worry about counting carb calories. You have to be able to exchange them for regular food or your carb calories will sky rocket. Research shows that cinnamon may reduce triglyceride, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Cinnamon accentuates the natural sweetness of tomatoes in sauce and can be eaten in numerous ways. You will not be adding extra calories to your meal with cinnamon. Alcohol intake should be monitored by a doctor. Although alcohol may reduce blood glucose it is not an advisable way of glucose control. Consult a doctor Have green tea green tea has excellent anti oxidant qualities and helps to control blood sugar levels along with regular medication and diet control. The best diabetologist in Noida is accessible at the online administrative portals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: