Hubei, Yidu traffic police arrested four men in the case of a license from the drug – Hubei Channel

Hubei, Yidu: police from driving without a license case seized four male drug users – Hubei channel — Yidu in October 10, October 8th, Hubei Province, Yidu City Public Security Bureau Lu city traffic police squadron of police seized unlicensed driving personnel Zengmou Zengmou, after in-depth investigation on suspicion of drug driving has been transferred to public security departments for disposal in accordance with the law. In the morning, Hubei E4J8XX black Santana sedan from Yidu Yao Jia Dian Zhen Nan Zhu Yuan Lu town in the direction to highway 254, Nan Yuen intersection saw the police on duty, the vehicle path is abnormal, at the traffic lights police signaled the driver to stop for inspection, but the car was rushed to accelerate the run. The police drove to intercept forced to stop the car and asked the driver to produce documents, Zengmou that documents forgotten at home, all unwilling to disclose details. After the police online inquiry, Zengmou had been sentenced to probation for intentional injury, is now a community correction officer, the data show that there was no valid driving license, is a driving license. In the course of the police will be taken to the police to undergo a review of the process, the police in the inspection of the vehicle with the goods, from the inside of the cabin was found in the drug store, such as the use of suction pipes and other drugs. The car driver Zengmou drug-related police, timely contact with the 110 command center, then came to the store in the Yao police station under the assistance, the car four oral summoned to the police station for review. Investigation by the public security organs, Zengmou and a white car, a high urine test results were positive. According to the three men confessed, 8 am a white invitation Zengmou three people in Yao Jia Dian tou Cun Huang Lian (drugs Maguo) the illegal facts, the case over Yao shop police station. (Tan Huadong) share to: (commissioning editor: Zhang Pei, Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: