Hunan, Huaihua intercepted a truck loaded with 114 dead bodies – China Network 9c8836

Hunan Huaihua intercepted 114 wild animal carcasses loaded truck Beijing, Xinhua News Agency Changsha September 19th news (reporter Zhou Mian star) reporter 19 from Hunan provincial forest public security department, Hunan Province, the high-speed traffic police in Huaihua before the West toll station to carry out rectification action process, the scene seized suspected illegal purchase, transport with wild animal the case, the weight of two thousand pounds. Currently the case has been transferred to the forest public security departments. The evening of September 16th, police found in a grade examination for Hubei F38179 van, which has a strong bad smell, open and found, the car loaded turned out to be butchered wild animal carcasses, some animal corpses still stained with blood. Upon inspection, the car from Shaanxi, via Hubei, the destination is the central market in Huaihua. Subsequently, the case was transferred to the Hecheng District, Huaihua Forest Public Security departments. The inventory of cars loaded with Ji Zi, badger, beaver, flour and other 114 from the "three" terrestrial wild animal (the state protects the beneficial or of important economic or scientific value of terrestrial wild animal). The driver is holding a wild animal transport in Henan issued by the certificate, but this quasi goods transport permits the pheasant, wild boar, hare, and the actual shipment of the goods does not conform to. Currently the case is being further processed.相关的主题文章: