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India $4 mobile phone was berserk: ordering website has crash Sina Freedom 251 mobile phone technology news Beijing time on February 19th afternoon, according to Reuters, India mobile phone manufacturer Ringing Bells launched a $4 mobile phone users by the Blitz, the ordering site has collapsed in just a few hours later. The 4 dollar mobile phone is called Freedom 251 (priced at 251 Rupees), equipped with 1.3GHz quad core processor, 1450mAh battery, 4 inch 960*540 resolution IPS screen, 1GB memory, 8GB storage capacity, 300 thousand pixel front camera and 3 million 200 thousand pixel main camera. So skeptics point out that the price of the phone is far lower than its hardware cost. Freedom 251 mobile phone because of appearance and icon are similar to Apple’s iPhone, and accused of Shanzhai mobile phones. India started selling the mobile phone on the site on Thursday morning, but stopped accepting orders for a few hours after the crash. Ringing Bells says the site hits as many as 600 thousand times per second, but does not disclose how many orders it actually completed. Foreign analysts pointed out that the company has a large subsidy for this phone, do not know how they can maintain. (Bian CE)

印度4美元手机遭疯抢:订购网站已崩溃 Freedom 251手机   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月19日下午消息,据路透社报道,印度手机制造商Ringing Bells推出的4美元手机因受用户热捧,其订购网站在开售几小时后已经崩溃。   这款4美元手机名为Freedom 251(因售价为251卢比),配备1.3GHz四核处理器、1450mAh电池、4英寸960*540分辨率IPS屏幕、1GB内存、8GB存储容量、30万像素前置摄像头和320万像素主摄像头。因此有怀疑者指出该手机售价远低于其硬件成本。   Freedom 251手机因外观和图标都酷似苹果的iPhone,而被指责为山寨手机。   印度于当地周四上午开始在网站上出售这款手机,但几小时后因网站崩溃停止接受订单。Ringing Bells称,该网站每秒点击次数高达60万次,但是并未透露公司实际完成了多少订单。   国外有分析师指出,该公司对这款手机进行了大额补贴,不知道他们如何能够维持下去。(边策)相关的主题文章: