Interview with Mushi Ti good luck this year, DK memories are beautiful g227

Interview with Mushi: TI good luck this year, DK memories of a good electronic sports magazine Fnatic captain Mushi interview let us look at it. TI6 Fnatic, under the leadership of Mushi reached four. The changing style of the team and the strong executive power remind Orange of TI3. The difference is that after Mushi TI3 came to China to join DK. TI this year’s end, he chose to stay in the southeast to the team. In the Fnatic to determine the new season lineup, Mushi accepted my interview, the interview he mentioned the past and the future of Fnatic, but also referred to his story in the year DK. The bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment is TI6 fourth, which is a good result for Mushi and Fnatic. From the state average group phase, to Toronto knockout. Before the game did not dare too much hope for the championship Fnatic, saw the impact of TI6’s hope. But hope is in sight, but finally burst, such experience makes Mushi feel very disappointed. Q: you did a good job on TI6, got fourth, and a lot of people didn’t expect you to do that. Mushi: the reason why I can get fourth, I think a lot of luck, even bigger than the proportion of the strength of the larger. But we also have our own advantages, that is, in the decompression done well. Because we played in the group stage is relatively poor, so we eliminated every game as the last game to play, but better performance. Q: a lot of favourites to get out early, you can reach the top four, the most important thing is that Mushi: the trust between the players, as well as the learning process in the game. Q: from the main event of the first day, you have been in the group of losers in the fight, finally got fourth place, with you more or more regret? Mushi: satisfaction and regret are. But if you can only choose one, I think it is more regrettable. Because we are so far away, there will be more hope. But I also know that sentence, I hope the greater the greater the disappointment. So I was disappointed when I was out. Q: after being eliminated by DC, you sent a micro-blog, saying that I really hope this is your last game, why? Mushi: because I promised fans, did not get the world champion will not retire. So if TI6 wins the championship, I’ll retire. Although I play another year or two years, no champion will retire. But I think since the TI6 to see the hope, and finally did not go further, or regret. Q: you see a group of losers beat the opponent in the top four, this scene let me feel deja vu, on TI6 Fnatic and TI3 Orange like. Mushi: from TI3 to TI6, these three years I have grown a lot, and the effectiveness of the team is not the same, so I think it can not be compared. "The memories of that year are very good," said Mushi, which naturally reminds me of D in 2014相关的主题文章: